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At 1-2, Steelers should leave their talking for the field on Sunday

When you’re 1-2 and coming off a loss to a team you have no business losing too, now is hardly the time to be stirring the pot with pointless chatter if you’re the Pittsburgh Steelers. After all, who does these guys think they are, Anthony Smith?

Whether or not Steve McLendon, Antonio Brown, and Isaac Redman meant their comments as trash talking isn’t really the issue. Just about anything these days becomes bulletin board material, and with the Philadelphia Eagles coming off a big win against the Giants, and sitting at 3-1 in their division, you don’t need to add to the already tough game coming up at Heinz Field on Sunday.

PIttsburgh has never been a team to back down from anyone, and I’m certainly all for that. No matter how bad or good things have been throughout the years, the Steelers always believe they can win on any given Sunday. That being said, the talk out of Steelers camp this week has caught the ears of the Eagles players and they aren’t exactly thrilled.

As reported by CBS in Philadelphia: “First, Steelers nose tackle Steve McClendon had some less than complimentary things to say how to go about defending Michael Vick. “He’s trying to be the quarterback he’s not,” he said. Then wide receiver Antonio Brown referred to Eagles rookie cornerback Brandon Boykin as “a candy bar.”

Eagles defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins says the Eagles aren’t fazed by any of Steelers’ talk. “We’re fully aware of all it coming out,” Jenkins told 94WIP’s Michael Barkann and Ike Reese on Thursday. “I’m not sure what it is, maybe it’s just that division out there, with Baltimore and them, they like to get a lot of chatter going and stuff like that, but it’s our job to just remain focused. We’re aware of it, we’re going to take it to heart, we take it as a challenge and we just want to talk back by our play. We want to let our play do the talking for us.” ”

Add into that mix Isaac Redman talking earlier this week, as reported by CBSSteelers via Twitter: :”They’re pretty much trying to sack the QB; they’re not really worried about the run.They’re not built to stop the run”

That’s a pretty bold statement for a team who’s ranked 31st in the league in rushing offense; for what it’s worth the Eagles are ranked 12th overall in the NFL in rush defense. They may not be the 2010 Pittsburgh defense, who was ranked 1st but they aren’t exactly bottom of the barrel either.

On a quick side note; the Steelers have had some great trash talkers throughout the decades, both on and off the field. The most famous of the modern era is of course Joey Porter. Personally, I do miss the Porter trash talking days, that was a part of his game that I really enjoyed.  Nobody could get the gameday blood flowing better than Peezy, and he backed it up more often than not.  That was also in an era though with Bill Cowher as coach, when things were run differently. Not necessarily better or worse, just different.

Anyway, nobody would enjoy seeing McLendon be a force on the defensive line, or Antonio Brown have 120 yds and 2 TD’s, or Isaac Redman get 100 yds rushing on Sunday more than me.. However, until this team shows they can win consistently, I’d prefer they tone down the chatter personally.

If this Steelers team is that confident about their chances and they want to trash talk, then they better back it up on Sunday. Should Pittsburgh happen to lose this game, you can bet the Eagles players will have something to say to the media afterwards about the comments they heard during the week.



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