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Steelers to unleash the bumble bee uniforms twice this season

Are you tired of the throwback uniforms the Steelers wore up through the 2011 season? Weren’t you wishing they would sport something like the Denver Broncos or Philadelphia Eagles were wearing? Oh common, admit it you know you loved them.

Well ok, “love” might be overstating it just a bit but the Steelers retired their previous throwbacks and will wear their vintage 1934 uniforms twice this season at Heinz Field, against the Redskins on October 28th and the division rival, hated Baltimore Ravens on November 18th.

The throwbacks recall a design last worn during the 1934 season. Pittsburgh’s team was called the Pirates back then, and that ’34 team went 2-10.

As Steelers President Art Rooney II stated when they first unveiled the new uni’s this past April: “We wanted to use a jersey that we wore early in our history as we celebrate our 80th season. “We have never used those jerseys since the 1934 season, and I think our fans will be excited to see our players wear them in action this year.”

I think Mr. Rooney may have over estimated the enthusiasm of the Steeler Nation just a tad when he used the word “excited”, but hey we’re Steeler fans and proud of it, no matter how “unique” our throwbacks look.

Honestly, if you take into consideration that back when football teams were playing during these era’s gone by, this was the style of uniforms they had. This is a celebration of football history in Pittsburgh and while many of us many not exactly be thrilled about how they look, we can certainly appreciate the history of sports in our beloved Steel City and that goes a long way.


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