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Steelers need momentum shift heading into bye week – the odds

Affiliate – It has been a bumpy ride for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first three weeks of the 2012 season.  They bounced back from a crushing loss to the Denver Broncos in week 1 to take down a promising New York Jets team, only to be beaten late in the game in week 3 by the Oakland Raiders.  The Steelers look to get some much needed rest in their week 4 bye so they can get back on the right track for week 5’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

One positive thing that can be said about the Steelers in week 3 would be Ben Roethlisberger’s performance.  He threw for nearly 400 yards while managing four passing touchdowns.  He did all of this while not throwing a single interception or fumbling the ball throughout the entire game.  He looked elite this past Sunday, but it was not enough to beat a Raiders team that everyone was expecting Pittsburgh to demolish.  That was certainly not the case, however, as the Steelers defense just could not get the job done.

Once one of the best D’s in the league, the Steelers just could not get anything together on Sunday against the Raiders offense.  They looked sloppy throughout and ended up allowing 34 points from a team that has looked terrible all season.  This will certainly need to be fixed come week 5 when the Steelers take on an Eagles team that will be looking for some redemption of their own. Luckily for Pittsburgh, though, they have an entire week to rest and get ready for what will surely be a grueling battle in their home stadium.

The Steelers NFL odds for betting in week 5 look better because of the bye they are getting in week 4, but they will need to make some adjustments before the game to ensure a victory.

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