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Ryan Mundy’s hit reminiscent of Steelers defense of old (video)

That was probably the only time on Sunday evening that you could say that about the Steelers defense quite honestly.

Everyone in Raider land and I’m sure all of the Steeler haters across the globe will say that Steelers Safety Ryan Mundy lead with his head and intentionally went after Darrius Heyward-Bey on that endzone hit in the 2nd half of the game Sunday evening. Putting the collapse of the defense overall aside for the moment, that hit was not intentional and the officials were correct in not throwing the flag. Perhaps the replacements just flat out missed the call, as they sometimes do (see sarcasm)  but in this case they missed it correctly if you know what I mean. Atleast I think so.

Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts of CBS repeatedly mentioned that it should have been flagged, and by today’s NFL standards perhaps it should have. The issue here is again, it’s Football and sometimes these types of hits just happen. You can’t rationalize that to anyone on the NFL payroll though, everything is penalty worthy and big hits just aren’t allowed anymore.

Anyways, call me crazy but I thought it was an awesome hit, one of the few defensive highlights of the day for the Steelers. I’m not glad that Heyward-Bey was taken to the hospital, nobody wants to see that no matter who the player is. However from a football fan standpoint, a defensive football fan in particular, it got me pumped up and brought back memories of the days when those hits were a weekly occurrence around the NFL.

The celebration was short lived, as they all are these days because everyone knows as soon as it happens that a fine is coming and usually a flag. There should be no doubt that he will get fined for it regardless of the intent.  Mundy came in, leading with his hands and aiming for the textbook tackle into the chest of Heyward-Bey, but as it happens all too often, he dropped his head and the two collided helmet to helmet. Mundy jumped up afterwards as the Raider receiver was knocked unconscious before he ever hit the turf. For what it’s worth if Carson Palmer throws that pass a second sooner, it’s a Touchdown…I’m just sayin.

If anybody knows how how Mundy feels, just ask James Harrison; who will probably be fined this week too for Mundy’s hit.

Local Steelers media reported later Sunday night that Heyward-Bey was in stable condition and just being kept overnight for observation.

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