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Four Things We Know About The Steelers After Three Weeks

It might be a bit of a rush job to judge a team after just three weeks of action, but in a 16 game season, it’s somewhat justifiable. The Steelers stand 1-2 on the season, losing a tough one on the road to the Broncos, handling the Jets rather easily at home and then dropping a disappointing game on the road against the Raiders. Here are four things we know about the Steelers so far this season as they attempt to make yet another playoff push.

Mike Wallace Didn’t Need Training Camp

Sure, fans would have felt much better if Wallace was practicing with the team, but since he was returning to the same quarterback, it really didn’t matter. The pair connected on a beautiful 37-yard TD pass in the third quarter against the Jets as well as a 37 yd scoring play against the Raiders.. Paired with Antonio Brown, the Steelers are going to be just fine at the wide receiver position in 2012. 

The Team Remains Torn On No-Huddle

In Week 1, the Steelers ran a ton of no-huddle offense with three wide receivers on the field. They had some success with it, but they ended up losing. Week 2 saw no no-huddle offense being used, and the results are hard to argue with.

Simply put, Roethlisberger wants to run more no-huddle, while the coaching staff seems to be hesitant about it. He loves calling his own plays, and now that he is a veteran quarterback with a pair of Super Bowl rings, he feels he has earned that right.

Look for the team to experiment with it a bit more this season, but if the Steelers can win without it, the coaching staff won’t be signing off.

The Running Game Is Not There Yet

The Steelers have attempted to run the ball quite a bit through the first three weeks, but things are just not happening on the ground. Jonathan Dwyer and Isaac Redman continue to get touches, even though the combo picked up just over 50 yards in the win over the Jets.

Not only have the running backs been subpar, but the offensive line just can’t seem to get going either. This combination of mediocre running back and offensive line play means that the Steelers need to go through the air more often to have success. Even Roethlisberger’s 384 yard, 4 TD effort against the Raiders was not enough.

The Steelers Still Handle Adversity Well

The NFL season is full of ups and downs. No team knows this better than the Pittsburgh Steelers. Whether the team suffers from injuries, suspensions or tough losses, they always seem to come back the next week and put things behind them. After losing a tough one to the Broncos, the Jets were handled easily. They have injuries to deal with, plus some rare defensive issues after giving up 34 points to the Raiders, but this is still a team that can make a playoff push.

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