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Steelers expect Mike Wallace to report this coming weekend.

The Mike Wallace media circus continues today with reports this morning by Mike Bires of the Beaver County Times, who tweeted out that Wallace is in Pittsburgh today. Although nothing has been confirmed and he has not been seen at the Steelers facilities yet, there’s renewed hope that he’ll report to the team soon.

That renewed hope continues today courtesy of Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette who wrote today that multiple sources have told him that Wallace plans to report this weekend and sign his one year, tender offer.

The Steelers expect that Mike Wallace will arrive back in Pittsburgh this weekend and sign his one-year contract after they return from their third preseason game in Buffalo, multiple sources told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The Steelers play Saturday night in Buffalo. Presumably Wallace would be eligible to play in their final preseason game against Carolina Aug. 30 at Heinz Field, but whether he will or not remains unknown. The Steelers have off on Sunday after their game against Buffalo and will have only two real days of practice before they finish up the preseason against the Panthers.

As Ed points out in his article, nothing is guaranteed yet and we don’t know for sure what day he’ll report. If he does though and signs his tender offer he’ll be available to practice and work out the team.

There’s no reason to expect that the team has any plans to give him a long term contract before the regular starts. It’s too late for that, and the Rooney’s don’t do contract talks in the regular season  anyway, so unless they have a complete change of heart and philosophy, that ship has sailed for Wallace for the time being. One can only speculate how much damage has been done, if any, between the two sides during this ordeal.

This whole situation can’t be over soon enough, Wallace is the last remaining player left with a contract issue of this magnitude. The sooner he can get in and start working with the offense the better. Don’t underestimatet he importance of timing as a wide receiver, especially with a guy who goes deep as much as Wallace does. Sprinting down field and trying to get under the ball is something that needs to be constantly worked on, even for a duo like Wallace and Roethlisberger who’ve been together for years now. Rust is rust basically.

So here’s to an end of the Wallace saga, at least for the time being…keep your fingers crossed.


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