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SteelDad’s Rants and Slants Version 7.0

Kicking Off

‘Very surprised’ is the best way I can say it after learning of the firing of Steelers Special Teams Coach Al Everest. I suppose there is much more to the story than we may ever know but the guy took a unit that was pretty awful and turned it into one that didn’t allow a return for TD. Sounds like this was simply a matter over a difference in opinion on how things should happen for the special teams and we know who wins thsoe arguments.

Even though there are things I take issue with when it comes to the Rooney’s, (most of them deal with Goodell), I thank God they are the owners of my team daily. After seeing the media storm created by Colts’ owner Jim Irsay on Twitter regarding a pending ‘big’ trade, I found myself grateful once again. Shut up Jim.


Another thing to be grateful for? Not having to hear Chris Berman call an NFL game as he did this week for ESPN. I was traveling but sadly was forced to endure some highlights. I can’t lie, I used to love Berman back in the ESPN infancy days when he would do SportsCenter with Bob Ley and Tom Mees (RIP) and he’d come up with those great names for guys. Of course I was young and a complete idiot then too. Please don’t allow him back in the booth. Ever.

Second Half

Mike Wallace will report after the third preseason game I would think. He is playing the same game played by many who wanted more money in the past. Skip training camp to avoid injury then show up. Hope he heard DeSean Jackson’s comments about “not going 100%” last year.

According to the Sporting News, the NFL could stand to pay billions in concussion-related lawsuits. This ‘revelation’ was in a five-part series by SN and should come as absolutely no surprise. Why on Earth do you think Roger Goodell is trying to turn this league into a glorified flag football league for God’s sake? He’s trying to cover his ass over the violence of the game for the last 80 years! Quick, someone get my pills!

The Two-Minute Drill

  • Arizona Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt said he “wasn’t ready to name a starter just yet.” That’s like a condemned man saying, “The electric chair or the firing squad?”
  • Everyone thinks the Jets have an issue at quarterback. How about addressing that offensive line first? Yikes, they couldn’t protect a telephone pole.
  • Keep an eye on Nick Foles, the Eagles’ rookie vying for the number two job. This kid from Arizona can flat-out wing it and has looked good so far in the preseason. With Mike Vick’s health always a question, he could see the field a lot in 2012.
  • Browns’ rookie running back Trent Richardson said he expects to be ready to go for Week One. Silly Rookie, this is the Browns! Doesn’t he know that an alien spacecraft will land on him during pregame warm-ups injuring his knee again?
  • Has it been two weeks since the Steelers last had a fight in practice? Stop the presses!
  • We’re almost there folks. Week One of the 2012 NFL regular season!!
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