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SteelDad’s Rants and Slants; Version 5.0

Kicking Off

I feel like ESPN but what the hell? The New York Jets are fighting more often than the Kardashians these days. A day after a reported 15-20 man royal rumble broke out, another one today happened that resulted in the team doing windsprints. Amazingly, this had nothing to do with Tim Tebow, but my guess is that he probably offered his services for a prayer and reconciliation before practice resumed. Let us pray….

As many of you know, I don’t like Roger Goodell, the Commissioner of the National Football League for numerous reasons and it goes well beyond the fact I’m a Steelers’ fan. More evidence comes this week from two angles and first is the Saints… If true, that there is a potential reduction in Jonathan Vilma’s season-long suspension from a full year to a half then I have two questions; 1. Why did Goodell not make this possibility public as he had with Ben Roethlisberger? And 2. Is Goodell claiming essentially that his evidence was weak and knows the Vilma lawsuit will crush him? This is just the beginning in my opinion.

My second thought on Goodell is his comment on The Dan Patrick Show this week that he wants to see football become an Olympic sport. Listen, Roger, Bubby…. Are you really this moronic? First of all, yes, if ping pong and water polo and badminton are Olympic sports then on that scale football should be included. Goodell is not thinking this through however. Let’s say 16 teams qualify. Is there any way possible that you’re going to have a team play four football games over the course of two weeks? Remember this is the guy who is all about ‘player safety’ too.  I’ve got more coming on this in the coming weeks.


Boomer Esiason has never been one to hold back his comments and he didn’t this week when he said the Jets needed to cut Tebow now to avoid the circus getting any bigger in New York. I see where Boomer is going, but he has to know this move was about money and commercial appeal as much as football.

Most of you know the great Vin Scully who has called Los Angeles Dodgers games since before Moses parted the Red Sea so it may come as no surprise even at his age this beauty he described last night in Chavez Ravine. Let’s just say Scully interprets Rockies’ Manager Jim Tracy’s rant in the ‘G-rated’ style.

The Second Half

Well I’ve put it off long enough… Mike Wallace continues to not be in the Steelers’ training camp as he refuses to sign his $2.7 million tender. I admit, I was wrong. I really thought he would be in by last week, but I guess I misjudged his commitment to not playing. Ben Roethlisberger claims in numerous interviews that he expects Wallace to show up ‘soon.’ This has led to all kinds of definitions of the word ‘soon.’ You aren’t doing yourself or your teammates any favors Mike. You need to report.

The Cleveland Browns announced yesterday that rookie Brandon Weeden will be the starter for the 2012 Browns. At 28, Weedend is hardly a rookie and the team was really forced to start him. You can’t have him “learning” from Colt McCoy for a year or two. As for McCoy, he’s a solid guy who probably deserved a better fate. My guess is that he sees a lot of preseason time in an effort to raise his trade availability as injuries around the league occur.

The Two-Minute Drill

  • Certainly we must send condolences to the family of Eagles’ Head Coach Andy Reid whose son Garrett died at the team’s training camp facility this week. Not going to speculate…
  • Steelers’ Rookies David DeCastro and Mike Adams will start in the preseason opener against the Eagles Thursday night. It’s been a bit of a struggle for both guys so far, but I still expect great things from each.
  • Look for maybe a series or two at most from Roethlisberger Thursday night.
  • Terrel Owens has apparently signed a deal to be with the Seattle Seahawks. The 38-year old will join Braylon Edwards in what can only be described as a train wreck waiting to happen.
  • What I’m watching for Thursday night…. Adams and DeCastro obviously. I’m very curious to see the cornerback battle unfold between Keenan Lewis, Cortez Allen and Curtis Brown. I want to see rookies Chris Rainey and Sean Spence as well. And of course most of all, I want to get a glimpse of the Todd Haley offense.


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