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Mike Wallace reports to Steelers headquarters

Yes folks it’s true, the long awaited arrival if Steelers receiver Mike Wallace is finally over as the man himself reported to the Steelers HeadquarterMike Wallace arrives at Steelers headquarters this morning about 11:30am EST as reported by Dale Lolleyor via Twitter. Josina Anderson of ESPN posted up a picture of Wallace walking in the front doors, sporting a nice pink backpack. He was escorted in by a team security official and PR Representative.

As reported by multiple members of local and national media at the Steelers headquarters, Wallace entered the building and went straight back to the locker room area. As far as we know he did not talk to anyone before entering. Dale Lolleyor reported that Wallace will address the media after practice today. He will not participate but will get fitted for his equipment.

Now that he’s reported we can stop the #WallaceWatch free for all that’s been going on since the offseason began. Well sort of. All the speculation of the reasons why he didn’t report may or may not be answered but this saga is far from over. Now it’s a matter of how quickly can he be ready to go and how effective will he be early on in the preseason. Those are questions we won’t know the answer too until he gets through some practices and then we see him on the field.

He won’t be eligible to play in the final preseason game on Thursday night against Carolina due to the CBA rules so the first time we see him will potentially be week 1 in Denver on primetime Sunday Night Football on NBC. Pretty fitting wouldn’t you think?

Wallace has signed his 1 yr tender offer and if the team desires they can work on a long term deal with him. As Kevin Colbert  pointed out multiple times in the past few months, they would not talk about any new contracts until the tender was signed.

When Wallace talks to the media, around 3:30pm EST today we’ll have all the updates for then on what he says including a transcript of his thoughts this evening.


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