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Hrapmann and McCoy among first round of Steelers roster cuts

The mandatory roster cuts are in for the Steelers, as required by the NFL. Teams had to have their lists into the league by this afternoon but the Steelers have a practice today until 3:45 so they likely spent Sunday making the final decisions and then letting the players know yesterday evening or this morning. Final auditions for these players came in the Buffalo game this past Saturday night.

If you’ve seen any football movies then you know the Turk is the designated staff member of an NFL team responsible for going to the player and letting him know that the coach needs to see him and to bring his play book. It’s a day that every player on the bubble of making an NFL roster dreads. Although it’s not a fun day, some of these players will get picked up by other teams and at least they have some game time on film for others to check into.

As reported by Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the following received a visit from the “Turk” and are released from the squad.

Daniel Hrapmann – PK
Myron Rolle – S
Mortty Ivy – LB – waived injured
Ryan Baker – LB
Mike Blanc – DL
Paul Cox – WR
Andre Freeman – CB
Matt Katula – LS
Jamie McCoy – TE
Walter McFadden – CB
Justin Peelle – TE
Kyle Jolly – OL
Juamorris Stewart – WR
Kade West – DL
Jimmy Young – WR

There’s no real surprises usually, in the first round. These are players who didn’t show much in training camp or were in a situation of an already established position and honestly didn’t have much of a chance of unseating the starter or primary backup. In some cases like Mortty Ivy, they were injured and waived.

If there was any type of mild surprise it would be, for me, Hrapmann who I thought might have a chance to unset Sean Suisham for the Kicking job. Hrapmann got the majority of the work in the preseason though, which was a sign that he was being allowed to audition himself for other teams. The Steelers love their veterans, and Suisham is the PK again for 2012.

Jamie McCoy had a pretty good training camp overall but didn’t get much action in the preseason. With Heath Miller the starter and Leonard Pope the likely primary backup, there would only be one spot left and that one is likely ear marked for 2nd year man Wesley Saunders even with that 4 game suspension looming.

The roster is now down to 75 players and the final round is due by Aug 31 at 9pm EST, to get down to the regular season roster.

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