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Antonio Brown gets money, Mike Wallace holds out

Affiliate- One of the more bizarre story lines of the offseason is coming out of Pittsburgh, as the Steelers have given a nice fat new contract to Antonio Brown. However, they have not given one to their presumed number one, Mike Wallace. Well, sort of. Wallace was offered a deal worth nearly $42 million over the next five years (basically the same deal Brown got) and after he turned them down, they gave the deal to his teammate, Brown, who had very similar numbers in 2011. Will this create a rift in Steelers’ camp that will affect the NFL odds?

It’s no denying that Wallace is a great receiver, but is he worth Larry Fitzgerald money, absolutely not. Brown on the other hand very quietly and professionally had a great season last year. Brown finished 2011 with over 1100 yards and 69 receptions, while Wallace had an up and down year, but finished with 72 receptions, almost 1200 yards and eight touchdowns.

There are rumors that the Steelers are looking to trade Wallace and move Emmanuel Sanders into his slot as the Steelers’ starter. If this is the case, it would be a big blow to Wallace, who I don’t think wants to leave, he just wants to be paid.

The Steelers could let Wallace walk after this season, or trade him. Since they are tight in cap space, the franchise tag looks out of the question. However, it could still happen. That would drag this situation out even further, much like the just resolved Matt Forte situation in Chicago. Either way, this has been ugly and I fear the worst is yet to come.

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