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2012 Steelers training camp update: August 2, Replacement officials visit

A mostly sunny day at St Vincent as the Steelers continue developing their squad for the regular season. The first preseason game is less than a week away, in Philadelphia, so as the days wear on in Latrobe the opportunity to hit someone in a different jersey gets closer and closer. Players always talk about how much fun it is, as much as preseason can be, to play against someone besides the same guys all the time. Expect to hear some of that chatter as the preseason approaches.

The quote of the day came from Emmanuel Sanders, before practice. Our friend Chuck Finder at @CBSSportsNFLPIT tweeted out the following: Emmanuel Sanders on developing on-field chemistry w/Big Ben:”It’s like a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship in some kinda weird way”#Steelers.  It’s definitely weird to think of those two in that way but I’m sure we all get the point. Timing between quarterbacks and wide receivers takes time to develop, especially in a new offense. Que the Mike Wallace “you’re missing out” rant. You’re like family being on the same team but out on the field you have to know what each other is thinking just like a family too.

Lamarr Woodley was given the day off today from practice again. Initially there wasn’t much read into it but after missing 2 consecutive days and Tomlin being mum on the subject, the noticeable limp is reportedly a groin injury. Antonio Brown and Ryan Clark were scheduled to be off today as well but he participated according to Mark Kaboly from the Trib.

Replacements are here: Gives you flash backs to Shane Falco doesn’t it? According to media at camp, NFL officials were also in Steelers camp today to work with the players. These are the replacement officials the NFL has been training for the last couple months. If the league and officials can’t come to an agreement before the season,these replacements will be used to oversee the games.

James Harrison commented on the difference between Larry Foote calling the plays in the defensive huddle vs when James Farrior did it in the past. @CBSSportsNFLPIT:  “Yeah I can’t hear Larry Foote.” #Steelers

Ryan Clark gave some chatter to the fans for cheering for the offense too much: @Ken_Laird: this is not a one sided game”

Rookie Toney Clemons got significant work today, making some nice catches but also not adjusting on some routes and dropping a few passes too. The first Todd Haley rant sighting has arrived per @Ken_Laird: First I’ve heard Todd Haley rip someone. Toney Clemons drops a deep ball in WR v DB “if you can’t catch that…

David Johnson has been having a good camp so far but he’s also gotten pushed around too.. Lamarr Woodley beat him soundly in back to back days in TE vs LB drills and today Adrian Robinson also beat DJ 3 times during drills.

Near the end of camp today, the team also worked on the 2 minute drill. Situation was 1 timeout, 62 yds and need a touchdown. Both Paulson & Brown caught passes on the drive, Sanders tipped one high but couldn’t come down with it.

Ed Bouchette reports that the ‘Scab refs’ not allowed to speak with media.

Steelers in Two-Minute Offense… Doesn’t end well as Brown fails to get out of bounds. Time runs out at the 2 yard line…. This was against second team defense as well… Get used to this department. Scab refs blow it.  @ChrisG_FC Suisham puts it out of end zone. Ref blows whistle but it was suppose to be a live drills.

Another line of the day candidate, @gerrydulac Tomlin to scab officials during kick drill: “put your damn whistles away, we’re working.”

Team moves to 7 on 7 drills… Curtis Brown beaten deep by Derrick Williams… Maze banged up but appears to be OK

In other drills, @Ken_Laird Alameda Ta’Amu yelled at by coach Mitchell and Keisel “c’mon Meda get physical” next rep Ta’Amu explodes into OL on 2man drill… Ken also reports that DeCastro getting beaten severly by just about every D-lineman.

Back to two-minute drill @BuzzsawPGH New 2min drill: 1:06 left, two timeouts, 48yd line, need a TD to win it #Steelers… A little better result this time @Ken_Laird Ben 39 yd TD to Antonio over Keenan Lewis 3 plays in… Charlie Batch in at QB, picked by Cortez Allen. Practice over.




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