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2012 Steelers training camp recap & photos, August 1, special teams gets significant work

Steelers training camp 2012 continues from St. Vincent College today as storms were again the forecast. Mother nature is having her way with the team as they dance around the rain drops nearly every day, but fortunately even with rain forecasted the team was able to get in their practice under sunny skies.

This week both Jeff Hartings and Chris Hoke are in camp helping out as assistants. It’s amazing how much smaller they are now that their NFL careers are over. @arobinson_Trib: Jeff Hartings, Chris Hoke have been in #Steelers camp this week. Each at least 50 lbs below playing weight. Average-sized guys now. :)

Roethlisberger also talked with Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette recently, and appears to be more concerned with getting Mike Wallace back then his slightly torn rotator cuff. Yes that’s right, it happened last year in November during the Baltimore game so it’s nothing to be overly concerned about but since training camp is well under way now I’m sure this will get all kinds of press from everybody and get blown way out of proportion, but such is life.  Just file it away for future reference for the time being.

Today’s workouts started with special teams. Various players were fielding all types of directional kicks including Chris Rainey who also blocked a punt and even Doug Legursky fielded a squibb. Punters and Kickers taking turns.They also covered Linebackers vs Tight Ends and Running Backs in pass protecting and blocking. The running game and no huddle continue to be part of the program as well.

Injury update: Da-mon Cromartie-Smith is removed from the PUP list and practiced today. Casey Hampton said he is a similar schedule with fellow torn ACL teammates Rashard Mendenhall and Max Starks. All are progressing well but will remain on the PUP for the time being. Hampton says he is confident in his recovery because of having gone through this type of injury twice before in his career. Our friend Chris @BuzzsawPGH gave this update on Mendenhall before practice started: Exchange w/Mendenhall: “I feel right on schedule (w/knee rehab).” Any idea what that schedule is? “No, none at all.” Glad we cleared that up

Maurkice Pouncey injured his ankle during practice but only missed a few minutes before returning. John Clay has a groin injury but it’s nothing serious at this point. A few heat related issues with players as well.

Mike Tomlin post practice briefing:
John Clay has a groin inhury, a few heat related issues. Nothing major.
Worked primarily on Linebackers vs TE and RBs in coverage, no huddle. Things of that nature.
Overall good work, we’ll evaluate it this evening.

Woodley had the day off to take care of his knee. precautionary. Same with Sanders the other day. Nothing to worry about. It’s common with those that have had issues in camp in the past.

Tomlin’s concern with Ben’s rotator cuff: “none”

Where’s the team at a week into camp: “a week into camp” a lot of ground to cover. It feels like camp, I enjoy this process. I love St. Vincent.

Is everybody past the new offense things now? “The offense is new to you guys but it’s not new to us.”

Below is a timeline of tweets thanks to media personnel on site taking pictures and sending updates.

2pm-3pm Updates:

@CBSSportsNFLPIT: Casey Hampton said that despite vast differences of their positions, he, Starks & Mendenhall all are on simmilar rehab schedules (torn ACLs). Hampton’s on his 3rd torn ACL, says that allows him 2 come back quicker b/c he has confidence everything will work out. Confident to test it

@MarkKaboly_Trib: DB Da’Mon Cromartie-Smith removed from the PUP list and will practice this afternoon.

Ramon Foster says the #Steelers OL “tries to have a little nasty edge to us.” Says it’s always been that way, just shows more this year. Our coach teaches always finish. If you’ve got a guy goin down, put him on his back.”
“If U can dominate the guy over next to you, he’s a pro athlete, pro football player, then that’s saying somethin

Exchange w/Mendenhall: “I feel right on schedule (w/knee rehab).” Any idea what that schedule is? “No, none at all.” Glad we cleared that up

Pouncey on DeCastro: “He looks like a military dude. He too serious some of the time, man, but he’s a great guy to have out on the field.”

3pm-4pm Updates:

@CBSSportsNFLPIT: #Steelers rookie RG David DeCastro: “I think linemen in general, you’ve got to be nasty when you play. It’s important.”

@Ken_Laird: Chris Rainey blocks a FG off edge from backup-kicker Daniel Hrapmann during pre #Steelers stretching spec tms work. Big moment of camp

@MarkKaboly_Trib @JColony13 strikes back on McBeam #Steelers

ChrisG_FC: Legs just fielded a squib kick.
A lot of situational kicks including a surprise onside.

@Ed_Bouchette: #Steelers Roethlisberger downplays “little rotator cuff tear” in his right arm.
Roethlisberger talking often with holdout #Steelers WR Mike Wallace. Thinks he will rejoin team “soon.”
#Steelers OC Haley and Roethlisberger relationship growing. QB says he likes new offense.
One concession Roethlisberger makes to turning 30. He no longer throws during walk-throughs.

@DVEMike: Receivers on a sun-splashed Wednesday @DVERADIO

4pm-5pm Updates:

@ChrisG_FC: I working on screen passes. Ben caught the first from Lefty.
The Steelers offense is literally working on everything we have been calling for.

@MarkKaboly_Trib: Rookie hazing. Teammates shake the port a potty while Mike Adams is relieving himself.

ChrisG_FC: QBs with RBs and TEs. Foote just batted one down to Dwyer.
Hampton doing some light jogging, then again he may be a max speed.
Adams had his head down blocking DeCastro and Kugker’s yelling at him to get his head out of there.
Kugler to Decastro “these guys in this league are (expletive). They are 350. They are Ta’amu with explosiveness”.
Brown just beat Ike and Ben hit him in stride on a deep ball.

DVEMike: Antonio just went D Thomas on Ike. Crowd went nuts

Spence just did a fair job on Rainey, but Rainey was able to get separation #speedkills #badpass
Haley and Ben on Brown after not coming back on the ball.
Sly with the starters
And he makes the stop on the run
Timmons just popped Batch. He took it well.
LeBeau screaming at third teamers
Let’s break down the plays: run, screen, run run run run….screen to dj
Heyward just moved Beachum across field to make the tackle.
Rainey banged up.

@Ken_Laird: Another day of Sly Sylvester at 1st tm OLB with Chris Carter #Steelers
FB Will Johnson blows Sean Spence off ball in the hole w 2nd tm O as Rainey follows for a big gain

@MarkKaboly_Trib: Pouncey hurts ankle. Legursky replaces him at center.

@ChrisG_FC: Hrapmann kickoffs to five deep or goal line.
Pouncey is at center.

@MarkKaboly_Trib: Lined up as a tailback and now covering kicks, big Ben doing at all right now. Maybe he should worry about QB

@steelers: Taking a Lil water break @Ike_SwagginU

@ChrisG_FC: Finally a pass. Brown sits in a zone for the catch.
Gilreath with Cotch and Williams as 2nd team receive. Cotch nice catch down seam.
Beiler has ball hit him in the hands and drops it.

@steelers: Live from Chuck Noll Field @bkeisel99

5pm-6pm Updates:

@ChrisG_FC: Sanders flashes some deep speed but Ben doesn’t put enough air under it.
Sanders flashes some deep speed but Ben doesn’t put enough air under it.
C. Brown bats down a pass.
44 drops a pick
Troy with a nifty move to knock the ball out of Cox’s hands.
Al Woods getting the best of Decastro for the most part
Brown catches one between Brown and W. Allen with over the top help.
Antonio Brown looks like a #1
Ben to a wide open Paulson.
McLendon just handled apouncey as Ben completes the pass.
DeCastro good job on Bryant to open hole for dwyer
Clemons makes an adjustment in air for the grab with contact.

@Ken_Laird: OL v DL again today. Adrian Robinson spin move beats Mike Adams as he fakes outside speed rush
TE David Paulsen gets a 1st team look lined up in slot right and makes a catch

@JimWexell: I look down the sideline and reporters all tweeting — during 7 on 7 skeleton drill Qb’d by Jerrod Johnson. Have some pride.


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