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Wallace this, Wallace that…it’s time to end this pointless conflict

If there’s one thing that I just can’t stand, it’s drama surrounding the Steelers. The whole Ben Roethlisberger saga is long gone now and rather than concentrating on just what’s going on in camp, Mike Wallace continues to drive the fans of Pittsburgh to talk about him. While I’m sure that’s not solely his intent by any means, it’s an affect nonetheless.If you’ve been a reader of our blog here on SteelerAddicts for any length of time then you know both myself and Steeldad have long since lost our patience with the whole situation.  That’s mainly why we don’t talk it very much. Now and then though we’ll make our points on the podcasts, here in the blog, or in the forums.

He didn’t show up by 4pm on Wednesday when the players reported, he was no-where to be found on Thursday either. At this point, contrary to what some others are posting that players are giving an indication that he’s going to show up soon, there’s no reason to think that’s the case at all. If he shows up it’s because Kevin Colbert and the Steelers are playing hardball with him.

He knew this time would come at some point, so did his agent Bus Cook. If the team can halt contract talks with a legend like Hines Ward they can certainly do it with a guy who’s only played 3 years in the league so far.  He’s only hurting himself and the team. Each day of camp missed is another opportunity gone to work with Todd Haley, learn the offense, and get the timing back for the new season. Don’t think for one second that the Steelers would hesitate to keep Emmanuel Sanders in for Wallace if he continues to hold out and doesn’t have sufficient time to get ready for the opening game of the regular season against the Broncos.

Mike Tomlin is not one for drama and neither is the organization as a whole. If you aren’t ready to play you aren’t going to play, no matter who you are.

Obviously things are still a ways off yet before that situation has to be dealt with but this entire offseason has been nothing but a media frenzy over Wallace. The funny thing is, he’s barely said a word about it since that interview on Sirius XM shortly after the off season began. His agent, Bus Cook, hasn’t said a word either.

Ed Bouchette talked today in his blog about how Mike himself is driving this holdout, not Cook. Now I’m certain both parties are in regular contact with each other but either way nobody is saying anything about the talks and Kevin Colbert has had enough.

@EdBouchette: #steelers GM Colbert confirms talks off with Wallace until he ends holdout. Plus, last offer no longer on table

@MarkKaboly_Trib: Colbert on Wallace: “We have chosen not to progress with negotiations at this point”

@MarkKaboly_Trib: Colbert: “this is a unique situation because because he is a RFA that has a tender”

@MarkKaboly_Trib: Since mike Wallace has yet to sign his tender, he is not under contract and cannot be fined for holding out.

Tomlin was less than pleased at his initial press conference after the run test on Wednesday:  “Obviously Mike Wallace was not here today. I don’t know when he’s going to be here. Obviously we have a desire for him to be here. We want him to be a part of this thing both short term and long term. We’ve been in negotiations with him. He’s not here today. It’s unfortunate for him. “One thing that experience has taught me is that this is bigger than all of us. It’s bigger than Mike, it’s bigger than me, so I mean that when I say it’s unfortunate for him that he’s not here.”

Nothing can be gained from holding out any longer. All he’s doing is raising the ire of the organization and the fans every day that this pointless holdout continues. Even the players are starting to get tired of talking about it already:
@CBSSportsNFLPIT: E.Sanders on Wallace arrival:”I don’t know, I’m not Miss Cleo or anything of that sort so I can’t predict anything,but we def want him here”   Sanders said he hasn’t called Wallace in a while “I know a lot of players are calling him and blowing up his phone.” #Steelers
No one player is bigger than the organization. Mike Wallace being on the team or not being on the team is not going to make or break a super bowl run. Sure having him here would be nice, another weapon for Roethlisberger is always a good thing. The sooner Wallace realizes that point, the better. When it comes to the Steelers, you can’t win in situations like this. They will make sure they always put the team first.
So for some reason, I felt the desire to write this short piece about Wallace tonight. Why I really don’t know, but I guess following my timelines on Twitter the last couple of days and seeing so many Wallace references all over the web, I figured I’d throw in my two cents again on the subject. Hopefully it was enjoyable for all, I know I feel much better now.


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