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There are ALWAYS questions entering a new Steelers’ season.

Fans of every sport go through it. It’s that period of time just before your favorite teams’ season is about to begin. There’s the feeling of potential success. Is this my team’s year? Will we finally be able to stay healthy? Can our superstars produce in the clutch?

These are few of the dozens of questions asked by fans of the other 31 NFL teams and certainly of our Pittsburgh Steelers as well.

Who will start at the other corner? Who will be the back up QBs? Will Dick LeBeau be more aggressive this year? How will Todd Haley and Ben Roethlisberger do together? Can Emmanuel Sanders stay healthy? When will Mike Wallace sign?

Yes there are more questions. Will Larry Foote get the job done? Will Lawrence Timmons have a better season? Is Troy Polamalu at the end of his career? Who will be the kicker? Who will be the punter?

Who will spell Isaac Redman? How will the rookies do?

Of course there are more important questions as well such as….. Just how bad will the new throwbacks look? Do you dare buy one? Which new hat do you by this season and do they all have flat bills now? Is it finally time for the ragged Steelers flag on your porch to be replaced? And do I really name my child after a favorite Steeler? Not that I know anyone that would do that….

How many games pass before the ‘Bring Back Bruce’ chants begin? Has anyone gotten Baron Batch’s Twitter sarcasm yet? What will Ben and Ashley name the baby? How many complaints about the Heinz Field grass will there be? Did SteelDad really just say that on the podcast?

Of all these and many, many more questions to be raised there is but one question I have for you but I already know the answer?

Are you ready for some Steelers’ football?

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