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SteelDad’s Rants and Slants Version 2

Kicking Off

Earlier this week, Chad Johnson as he is once again going to be called rather than ‘Ochocinco,’ announced he wants to play until he is 40. Let me translate this and tell you exactly what he really means. “In order to stay even somewhat relevant in the media, I’m going to attempt to hang on no matter how pathetic I become as a football player.” Questions?

Former Giants’ WR Amani Toomer said this week that he believes Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo is better than the two-time Super Bowl Winner Eli Manning of the Giants. Could someone please explain to me the fascination with Romo? The guy has won absolutely nothing. He’s been injured most of his career and typically chokes with the game on the line. If he were the QB for any other team he’d be a back up.

This is what I believe in terms of ‘BountyGate.’ I firmly believe the Saints were doing something illegal and unethical in terms of paying guys for injury-causing hits and so on. Gregg Williams has admitted to this. My problem is once again with the NFL’s, errrrr, Roger Goodell’s handling of the situation. He apparently learned nothing from ‘SpyGate’ when he burned the tapes and presented no evidence of what the Pats’ were doing. This time around he claims that he has ledgers but I’ve seen none have you? Worse yet are the suspension lengths and this ‘double-secret probation type’ of standard where apparently the Saints have been told to ‘keep quiet.’ The whole thing is fishy and reeks of Goodell’s micromanagement.


I this section during the season, I’m going to feature some of the comments of the ‘experts’ that were said prior to, during or after games that maybe didn’t make the most sense.

The Second Half

It was reported this week that NFL games lasted one second longer than they did the previous year. Damn! Do they not know what I could be doing with that one second? Seriously, this is a good thing. The games have gotten much longer than they need to be and we all know this is due to advertising dollars for the networks.

On a similar topic, the league announced this week that some late games will start at 4:25pm. These games are the ones that are the second in a network’s double-header package. I get the move. The NFL wants to stay with games that are coming down to the wire and/or go longer so viewers can see the result live rather than a replay update from the studio. My only issue is that many of the 4pm games already stretch into the 7pm hour and now we’re looking at even longer. This will affect five Steelers’ games this season by the way.

The Two-Minute Drill

  • I don’t mean to make fun of it because divorce is a very serious issue, but I think Sean Payton’s wife realized that she wouldn’t know what to do having her husband home for a full season. This was probably a pre-emptive strike on her behalf.
  • I’m wondering if the Lions haven’t made a deal with the devil. They’ve gone from 0-16 to a playoff team in recent years but yet they can’t stay out of trouble whether it’s on the field or off.
  • Nice of Colts’ rookie Coby Fleener to fill in for’s Peter King this week. I have one piece of advice for Fleener; get a freaking hair cut dude.
  • Kudos to the Raiders who donated over $50,000 to local schools in Oakland.
  • I see where Tim Tebow was ranked #2 on the website as the most desirable man married women would have a fling with. Ummm, I’m no expert, but ladies, he’s never had sex before. It might not be that good. Just a thought.
  • Many of you probably don’t remember the Raiders’ Ben Davidson who died this week at the age of 72. Some of you will however recall these Miller Lite commercials he was famous for being in. He’s the white-bearded guy in this one. (sorry for the poor quality)
  • RIP to the great Andy Griffith. Great career in television.
  • In fact, Jerry Seinfeld revealed this week that he made tribute to Griffith in every show by addressing entering characters as “Hey (name here)”. “Hey Andy” was a staple of the ‘Andy Griffith Show.’
  • Many NFL people are already writing the obituary for the Steelers’ playoff hopes this season. Fine with me. I like being under the radar. Just keep piling on ‘experts.’
  • Could it be just three weeks until training camp? Giggity!


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