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Pittsburgh Steelers; offseason update

Pittsburgh Steelers; offseason update

Training camp is just under a week away, and football fans and players all across the country are chomping at the bit to get back on the field. We are still six or seven weeks away from the start of the regular season, but we are only a few weeks away from the preseason. The Steelers had a disappointing exit to the playoffs last season, and their once dominant defense looks like it is aging quickly. In a tough division, do the Steelers have enough to warrant taking a look at their NFL odds? Or, are they still the second best team in the AFC North behind their rivals the Ravens?

The big offseason news source in western Pennsylvania this summer is the contract talks surrounding wide receiver Mike Wallace. Wallace salvaged an average season in 2011, as he had 72 receptions for 1193 yards. That’s almost 17 yards per catch for all you math flunkouts. Even though it wasn’t like his 2010 season, (1257 yards 10 TDs) Ben Roethlisberger’s injuries might have played a role in Wallace’s mini slump in 2011.

However, young Antonio Brown emerged last season as Big Ben’s favorite target, so it looks as if Wallace might not be as indispensible as we all thought. Even though he is one of, if not the best deep threat in the NFL, we have seen at times that giving big money to deep ball receivers isn’t smart. See DeSean Jackson.

A deal looks as if it will get done, but he won’t get as much money as he thinks he is worth. He is important to Pittsburgh, but he isn’t worth paying him like Larry Fitzgerald. He is a top 10 receiver, not a top 5 receiver.

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