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Mike Tomlin signs new deal with the Steelers, in typical Pittsburgh fashion

One of the hot topics, well let’s just say semi warm topics I suppose, this off season for the Steeler Nation was the case of Mike Tomlin and his contract extension coming at some point. Obviously the Mike Wallace talks dominated most of the contract situations, as did 1st round pick David DeCastro here of late but the Steelers got their deal done with their head coach in typical Pittsburgh fashion, as announced today on the team’s website.

The Rooney’s don’t like to take the subject of money and put it out for everyone to see no matter who it is, but especially their head coach. During the Bill Cowher era the contract extensions went by more as an after thought than a major press conference event. The same can now be said again for Mike Tomlin as he signed his new 5 yr deal, keeping him in Pittsburgh through the 2016 season.

Bob Labriola of sent out the notification via an article on the website, excerpt below:

In other NFL cities, this would be big news. Not here. Not in Pittsburgh, where the resident NFL team has taken the concept and turned it into an art form. For the Pittsburgh Steelers, the announcement of a contract extension for Coach Mike Tomlin is good news. Surprising, stunning, it’s not.

The Steelers and Tomlin now have an agreement that keeps them working together through the 2016 NFL season. For bookkeeping purposes, this deal is a three-year extension on his existing one, and the press release announcing it describes it as a “new five-year contract.” Tomlin has signed two extensions now since being hired in 2007.

In a business where a pair of socks can outlast a head coach’s tenure with a particular team, the Steelers are continuing an extraordinary run of success with the men they hire for that job. Starting with the decision to hire Chuck Noll in 1969, the Steelers have had three men coach the team, and each one has won a championship. For example, by contrast, the Miami Dolphins have had three OWNERS over that same period, yet without the similar success.

“(Stability) is certainly the hope, yes,” said Steelers President Art Rooney II. “That’s part of the thinking, that you’re hiring someone who can be here a long time. Those things are hard to predict, because coaches can have different appetites for how long they want to coach. Our goal in hiring Mike, and our belief, was that he was the kind of person we would be comfortable having be our coach for the long term.”

None of us should be surprised at the Rooney’s have gone about the contract situation with Tomlin, it’s how they’ve always done it and will always do it. No fanfare, no media releases about when it might happen, etc. Just get it done and move on with life. It’s the lack of excitement before the fact that makes every Steeler fan appreciate how the Rooney’s run their team. We don’t like drama, we don’t want it or need it, just do it and that’s that.

Huge congrats goes out to Mike Tomlin on his new deal. The bar has been raised yet again, as it always is in Pittsburgh. Two Super Bowl appearances in his first 5 seasons with the team is nothing to sneeze at, but the Steeler Nation is poised at looking at the Stairway to 7 and Tomlin will be leading the charge.

Tomlin’s career record since coming to the team in 2007:

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