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Denver Broncos; Peyton Manning close to making his debut, Steelers will be ready

 Peyton Manning has reported to Broncos training camp, and the 36 year-old quarterback will be making his Broncos debut very soon. The NFL regular season is just over a month away, but the preseason is almost here. Manning and the Broncos play at Chicago in their first preseason game. Even though the Bears have a great defense, I doubt Manning plays longer than one or two series. Will Manning’s presence increase Denver’s NFL odds any more than it already has? Or, will Manning’s season be cut short?

When real games start, Manning will have a tough task in Week 1 of the regular season. The Steelers will be on the other side of the ball against Manning in his first real game, and don’t think the Steelers have forgotten who knocked them out of the playoffs last season. Even though Tebow is no longer there, Manning will serve as a nice fill in to try and inflict pain. Plus, I do expect some rust, and the Steelers aren’t the team you need to be rusty against.

Peyton just watched his brother win a Super Bowl ring, making Thanksgiving dinner a little more complicated for the Mannings. Eli is now the king of the family when it comes to hardware and finger jewelry. You know Peyton will want to even the odds before his career is over.

Peyton is still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. If he is healthy, I have no doubt he can lead the Broncos to an AFC West title and possibly beyond. It might take him a little while to get accustomed to his teammates in Denver, but if he is healthy, the rest of the AFC better watch out.

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