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2012 Steelers training camp recap & pics, July 31st, physical battles continue at Latrobe

After getting a mandatory day off each week during training camp, thanks to the new CBA ratified by the players and owners last year, the Steelers are back at it this afternoon with their regular workout open to the public. Thunder & lightening again during the workouts as mother nature refuses to consistently cooperate with Mike Tomlin’s team.

One thing that stuck out before the afternoon workouts even began was a few comments by Todd Haley. With so much emphasis being put into what we in the Steeler Nation love to call “Steeler Football”, this camp is proving early and often that the coaches and players aren’t taking this philosophy lightly. Courtesy of our friend Chuck Finder at CBS Sports, who tweeted out the following in regards to his philosophy on the run game: CBSSportsNFLPIT: New #Steelers off coordinator Todd Haley will start each practice w/run-play drills.”Really, the passes are just to keep the defense honest”. On establishing a physical run game, Haley said: “I think it’s just the way I think myself and our staff believes you have to play football”…”We want to be a team that can, most importantly, run it when it has to run it and throw it when it have to throw it.” #Steelers

Also  Per Todd Haley: On the 3rd down backs, he isn’t setting any expectations on the players competing for those roles but he knows players he has are very versatile and the final decisions are up to Coach Tomlin.

In a roster move, the team released OL Bridger Buche and signed WR Paul Cox out of Miss. Valley State. Cox is 6’5″ 205 lbs and caught 38 passes for 641 yds and 3 TD’s in his final year of college.

Camp fights: Also another scuffle broke out today during practice, right around 4:15pm. That’s 3 fights in 4 days of workouts.

Injury update: Keenan Lewis has stiffness in his sprained shoulder and was going to miss a few practices but he ended up practicing today. Heath Miller returned to practice today from his ankle injury. Also both David DeCastro and Trai Essex returned from their ankle injuries. Also Terry Carter has a hamstring injury, severity not yet known per Tomlin.

Also the team worked on some no huddle today and according to reports there was as much running as their was passing out that type of offense. Normally you see passing plays during the no huddle but it will be interesting to see how Haley might incorporate different strategies in the regular season.

Some standouts today included Chris Rainey who caught a slant pass in the flat and took off up field. Lamarr Woodley continues to have his way with David Johnson in blocking drills, tossing him aside like a rag doll. Curtis Brown is very physical at cornerback, shedding blocks with ease. NT Steve McLendon is giving Maurkice Pouncey all he can handle in OL vs DL drills. Doug Legursky vs Alameda Ta’amu continues to be a battle to watch as each tries to get the best of the other.

Drew Butler is not doing himself any favors in trying to win the job away from Jeremy Kapinos so far; Butler’s punts are very inconsistent each practice.

Below is a timeline of tweets throughout the day from local media and independent sites on hand tweeting about the action.

Tomlin post practice briefing: Short opening statement post practice today, courtesy of Mark Kaboly via Twitter. There were audio issues initially with the briefing.

1pm-2pm Updates:

@Mark Kaboly_Trib:: Keenan Lewis says he has some stiffness in his shoulder. He will miss a couple practice.
Todd Haley talking tight ends before practice on Tuesday: Todd Haley talking minutes ago

@CBSSportsNFLPIT: New #Steelers off coordinator Todd Haley will start each practice w/run-play drills.”Really, the passes are just to keep the defense honest”
On establishing a physical run game, Haley said: “I think it’s just the way I think myself and our staff believes you have to play football”
Todd Haley:”We want to be a team that can, most importantly, run it when it has to run it and throw it when it have to throw it.” #Steelers

2pm-3pm Updates:

@CBSSportsNFLPIT: Tood Haley, enamorred w/ #Steelers WR corps: “Across the board we’ve got a lot of good young guys that have a very versatile skill set.”
Haley:”That’s the name of the game offensively, being able 2get the yards U need to get on the ground when the defense knows you’re running”

@Mark Kaboly_Trib:: Haley on third down backs

@BuzzsawPGH: Hampton on Colon mixin things up in practice:”That’s cuz I wasn’t out there. There’s no pushin and shovin (then)..I aint doin none of that.”
Big Ben on Willie Colon moving to G:”I’m excited to see in there; I’ve been telling him for years I think that’s the spot for him.”#Steelers
Big Ben on the rookie offensive linemen, Mike Adams and David DeCastro: “So far, so good…I haven’t seen anything glaring so far.”#Steelers

3pm-4pm Updates: 

@BobLabriola: Steelers sign WR Paul Cox from Miss Valley St. He’ll wear No. 81. Waived was T Bridger Buche.

@DVEMike: Back to work on Tuesday afternoon at SVC @DVERADIO
Heath Miller returns to practice @DVERADIO
Might be a short one today, more storm clouds up above @DVERADIO

@BuzzsawPGH: @SteelerAddicts @CBSSportsNFLPIT Essex and DeCastro both are practicing

@ChrisG_FC: TEs blocking TEs blocking
Maze. He caught it.

4pm-5pm Updates:

@ChrisG_FC: Lewis looks just fine making contact
Woodley owns D. Johnson. He just tossed him to the ground.
Curtis Brown is extremely physical shedding blocks
Ben to Sanders out of SG. Wide open on misdirection play.
No huddle.

@Mark Kaboly_Trib: We are looking at now 4 scrapes in 3 practices now.

@Ken_Laird: Wes Saunders starts with 1st tm O as 11 on 11 begins. Heath back but limited today. Redman, Dwyer, then Clay the RB rotation #Steelers
Stevenson Sylvester in for Woodley at OLB, with Carter still in for James Harrison #Steelers

@ChrisG_FC: Foote eats up a run by Clay
More thunder and lightning.
Sly at lolb. Spence sticks his nose in for a stop
Bryant stops RB screen
Butler muffed the snap. Low 4s on HT. Sanders and Rainey returning.
@Sly makes stop in backfield. At lolb still

@MarkKaboly_Trib: Working in no huddle. Running just as much as they are passing out of it. Interesting.
Sly at LOLB. Spence at buck. Brandon Johnson at Mack.
Decastro lights up Timmons in a toss sweep

@Ken_Laird: Rainey catches slant out of slot and bursts up field, draws crowd approval #Steelers

@ChrisG_FC: Butler is dreadfully inconsistent with his punts.

@Ken_Laird: Steve McLendon v Pouncey 3 straight. McLendon gave him all he could handle, great bull rush #Steelers

@ChrisG_FC: Like what I’m seeing from Spence today.

Sly getting a lot of work in place of Woodley.

@Ken_Laird: Sean Kugler requests Chris Carter v mike Adams, Adams working to handle speed rush on edge #Steelers
Tomlin demands a third match between Legursky at center and Ta’Amu. Two big men, good physical battle #Steelers

@ ChrisG_FC: Maze with a great diving catch on sidelines. Beat W Allen’s press.

@Ken_Laird: Kelvin Beachum solid, then coaches get him v Chris Carter. “CC” gets him with bull rush then speed, lots of #54 today #Steelers

5-6pm Updates:

@ChrisG_FC: DeCastro with starters
Looks like Foster at RT
Hood blows into the backfield.
They have Heyward standing up. Carter speed rush is good.
Heyward and Carter with good pressure two on a row to end the day.

@MarkKaboly_Trib: Marcus Gilbert getting fingers checked after getting hand stuck in cam Heyward mask during linemen drills. Foster moves to RT during team

@Ken_Laird: Dan Rooney, Art II, Tomlin, Colbert, and PR star Burt Lauten in post practice pow-wow. Could be nothing, but with Wallace still out…

Below are some pics taken by local media on hand for practice (links in the twitter timeline above)


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