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2012 Steelers training camp, July 29, recap and pics – David DeCastro, Keenan Lewis minor injuries

No rain was forecasted for the first time in days at St. Vincent College as the day was again filled with some scuffles between players. The coaches are quick to break it up but so far this camp is very physical and tempers flare quickly.  Today there was an emphasis on the passing drills to start out but then very run oriented for the rest of practice. Lineups continue to be rotated on just about every play between both offense and defense. Practice also lasted longer than usual today, going well past 5pm.

Some players on the PUP list, including Da-mon Cromartie-Smith, are looking at Wednesday as their target date to participate in practice. Emmanuel Sanders did not practice today, had a sleeve on his left leg. No word as of yet on the severity of the injury as of yet. Heath Miller still out as well with the ankle injury. Isaac Redman got his bell rung but did return. Keenan Lewis had a shoulder injury, listed as day to day. David DeCastro and Trai Essex also with minor ankle injuries; both listed day to day. After practice Ken Laird reported that Alameda Ta’amu has a foot sprain.

Per Ken Laird: Ta’Amu says he had a sprained foot “thought I broke it. Went on a long walk to Wal-Mart. I’m a rookie, they said it was a mile. It was 3″

As a reminder, there is no training camp practice tomorrow as the players get a CBA mandated day off during the week.

Some players that stood out today were Alameda Ta’amu, Lamarr Woodley, David Johnson. Adrian Robinson, #46, having a good camp so far as is Jamie McCoy. The tight end situation behind Heath Miller is wide open. Linebacker Chris Carter had some ups and down but is showing better than last season.

DeCastro & Adams “didn’t look to out of place” according to Todd Haley. Both are competing and playing physical. He also says that he enjoys working with Willie Colon, who plays very physical.

According to Prisuta and Labriola, the coaches said DeCastro and Adams are competing and “not swimming mentally” (meaning they are able to comprehend practice and stay on their game).

Mike Adams says overall camp is going well for him.

The scuffles from yesterday and today are nothing to worry about. It’s the players being physical and giving all they can. As long as it doesn’t go far, Tomlin likes to see those types of things.

Chris Rainey is a guy to watch once preseason starts. He’s got a long way to go but he’s got great speed and quickly.

Farrior presence is felt as the practices are not quite as vocal. Potsie was a master at pushing buttons of his players. Also Harrison being out is a piece of that too.

Many players put in extra work after practice was over too.

Mike Tomlin post practice:

Good work today, spirited work. Guys are getting better and competing.

Like some things we’re seeing and others fall short. I like where we are seeing.

Lewis sprained shoulder. Trai Essex and David DeCastro minor ankle injuries. Both listed day to day.

Taking it by day with players on the PUP.

Sanders given the day off to rest per Tomlin.

Players need to take advantage of the day off provided by the CBA. Rest and prepare mentally.

Any news on Saunders suspension appeal. “I have no information on that”

Below is a timeline of the tweets during practice today if you’d like to see how it went down;  from the various media personnel and some independent fan sites & blogs also at practice:

3-4pm Updates:

@ChrisG_FC: Keisel not in pads. Spence is.
@ChrisG_FC: Amusing to see Pope standing next to Rainey. What a size difference.
@ChrisG_FC: Ben, Colon, Essex no pads yet either. All participating in walk throughs. Keisel too.

@steelerwill: Cotchery on playing for the Steelers: “I tell the young guys to appreciate it. You really can’t explain it. It’s just a different atmosphere

@ChrisG_FC: Foster getting time at RT

@CBSSportsNFLPIT: LaMarr Woodley:”Every yr (the ‘D’ is old) is said bout the Pgh Steelers &every yr we’re playing in SuperBowls or makin a run in the playoffs

@ChrisG_FC: Maze and Rainey practicing fielding punts.

@arobinson_Trib: Steelers D-line coach John Mitchell on #1-ranked defense of 2011: “You can cut stats up any way you want to. We didn’t have a good season.”

@ChrisG_FC: Butlers punts range in HT from 3.6 to 4.8

@CBSSportsNFLPIT: Max Starks on new haley offense vs. old one:”Very similar plays that have diff names to them or diff concepts as to why they’re called that”

@ChrisG_FC : Clark sporting some red and white polka dot socks. Real nice.
@ChrisG_FC: Tomlin with a close eye on the TE blocking sleds.
@ChrisG_FC: He likes what he sees.
@ChrisG_FC: Saunders powerful with good burst.

@CBSSportsNFLPIT: Player after player, defensive coach after defensive coach, has told anyone who would listen how much the defense needs to improve this year
@CBSSportsNFLPIT: LaMarr Woodley:”Every yr (the ‘D’ is old) is said bout the Pgh Steelers &every yr we’re playing in SuperBowls or makin a run in the playoffs

@MarkKaboly_Trib: Team staying on turf for entire practice.

4-5pm Updates:

@ChrisG_FC: Working on short outs.
@ChrisG_FC: And crosses. Also no Sanders from what I can see.

@MarkKaboly_Trib: Redman taking leadership role seriously. Makes Rainey do a drill after going through the motions “come on man, do it again”

@ChrisG_FC: Clemons bobbles one but comes down with it.
@ChrisG_FC: Haley is very hands on out here.
@ChrisG_FC: Maze catches the ball away from his body every time.

@BuzzsawPGH: Willie Colon:”You gotta be able to kinda let people across the field from you know that you got teeth too–and that you’re willing to bite.”

@arobinson_Trib: Reminder: #Steelers off tomorrow at Latrobe; NFL CBA mandates 1 day off/week during training camp. Chuck Noll wouldn’t have liked it.

@ChrisG_FC: Starks and Mendenhall look good doing some light sprints.

@dlolleyor: Looks like Damon Cromartie-Smith will come off pup list Wenesday for #steelers

@DVEMike: Max Starks and Rashard Mendenhall with trainer Ryan Grove @dveradio
@DVEMike: Some scenes from Sunday: DBs @dveradio
@DVEMike: The guy who started all of this, Joe Greene @dveradio

@MarkKaboly_Trib: Running back drills.

@Ken_Laird: Emmanuel Sanders not practicing today #Steelers Derrick Williams may run w 1st tm today (sleeve on his left leg)

@ChrisG_FC: Clemons beats Brown off press coverage.
@ChrisG_FC: Allen with some tight coverage on Young.

@MarkKaboly_Trib: Woodley destroys DJ…Twice

@ChrisG_FC: Freeman with great defense on deep ball to 87
@ChrisG_FC: Beiler makes a nice sideline grab. Btw, two WRs against three DBs

@MarkKaboly_Trib: Wes Saunders by far best TE in the live TE-LB drill
@MarkKaboly_Trib: Paulson really struggled getting handled by Chris carter. Carter struggled with everybody else.
@MarkKaboly_Trib: Redman knocked a little batty. Leaves field.
@MarkKaboly_Trib: Redman appears to be OK. Nobody is looking at him but hasn’t went back in yet.

@Ken_Laird: 1st play 11 on 11 has fullback Will Johnson leading for Redman #Steelers
@Ken_Laird: Trai LT and Ramon RG w Wes Saunders 1st tm TE (Heath still out)
@Ken_Laird: Derrick Williams is 3rd WR w Antonio and Cotchery #Steelers
@Ken_Laird: Decastro and Adams in for 4th play w Ben and 1st tm

@ChrisG_FC: Team drills time
@ChrisG_FC: 46 at FB. Run for a loss of one by Redman.
@ChrisG_FC: Ben hits on an out to Brown. Beats Lewis.
@ChrisG_FC: 2nd team. Rainey 15 yards to outside right. Great seal blocking.
@ChrisG_FC: Paulson reaches out to catch a Lefty rollout. It faked out the D.
@ChrisG_FC: Third team. Clay with huge yards on draw up the middle.

@Ken_Laird: 2nd tm OL left to right is Adams-KelvinBeachum-Legursky-Decastro-Trai #Steelers
@Ken_Laird: Beachum and Cam Heyward in a post play scrap, broken up quick

@ChrisG_FC: Rainey outside left for five. Rapid pace ground game now.
@ChrisG_FC: Carter makes stop on Dwyer. Tomlin likes it. It was against last string line.

@MarkKaboly_Trib: Beachum and Heyward get Into a scrape. Everybody joins in but it was tame.

@Ken_Laird: A new team drill starts w Jon Dwyer 1st tm tailback, follows fullback Will Johnson on sweep

@ChrisG_FC: Rainey with no where to go. Mundy and Ta’amu with stop.
@ChrisG_FC: 18 with a great leaping catch over middle in front of brown and allen

@dlolleyor: Ike Redman out of practice for #steelers. Don’t know what’s up with that. Keenan Lewis right shoulder

@ChrisG_FC: Robinson beats Gilbert forces Ben to scramble. Blown dead.

5-6pm Updates:

@ChrisG_FC: Carter pushes B batch back. D Johnson goes over to help.

@Ken_Laird: 6 snaps total w 1st tm in this 11on11 session, Decastro got 3 reps, Adams 0
@Ken_Laird: Looks like they’ll use TE David Johnson in some double sidecar formations. Jamie McCoy also getting 1st tm looks

@Ken_Laird: 1st sign of life from OLB Brandon Johnson as he batted a Leftwich pass. Was invisible yesterday in pass pro drill. Tm needs OLB depth bad

@ChrisG_FC: Redman back. Ben completes out to Cotch in 7v7
@ChrisG_FC: Allen in for Lewis. Cotchery beats Ike inside in deep post.

@BuzzsawPGH: Ta’amu continues to impress in line drills

@MarkKaboly_Trib: Corbin Bryant destroys decastro.

@ChrisG_FC: Paulsen used as outlet receiver. Good speed, lacks strength.

@ChrisG_FC: Clemons elevates and comes down with a great catch.

@MarkKaboly_Trib: Combo linemen drills. Colon gets tangled up and falls. Foster picks up Adrian Robinson nicely.

@ChrisG_FC: Paulsen used as outlet receiver. Good speed, lacks strength.
@ChrisG_FC: Clemons elevates and comes down with a great catch.

@MarkKaboly_Trib: Combo linemen drills. Colon gets tangled up and falls. Foster picks up Adrian Robinson nicely.

@Ken_Laird: Beachum owns DE Ike Igbinosun in lineman drills, then gives him shot to chops after Ike trash talks. DL coach Mitch yells at Ike to shut up

@ChrisG_FC: Cotchery with a good practice replacing Sanders today.
@ChrisG_FC: Coach not happy after Young takes too long to get up after making catch on ground.

@Ken_Laird: Mike Adams one rep in pass block vs Can Heyward, locked him up pretty good in battle of Buckeyes

@Ken_Laird: Max Starks walking with Mike Adams giving pointers, chat ends w double fist bump

@ChrisG_FC: Troy leaps and tips away from Cotchery. Ben threw into double coverage. Ike too.
@ChrisG_FC: Rainey just darts around. Just knocked over a tray if cups filled with water.

@ChrisG_FC: Ben drops and throws hitting Cotchery in stride.

@MarkKaboly_Trib: Marcus Gilbert out in front on a toss and blows up slippery rocks Andre freeman. Wow

@Ken_Laird: Curtis Brown in at 1st tm CB as Keenan Lewis left w injury earlier. Cortez Allen stays in nickel




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