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2012 Steelers training camp, July 28, recap of feisty day in Latrobe (pics included)

For the second time so far in Steelers training camp this year, rain started coming down in buckets just after practice finished. The afternoon workout ran a little past 5pm until the lightening started and the rain came shortly afterward.

Very spirited outing today with a couple scuffles between players during the 11 on 11 drills especially. Willie Colon got into it with Lawrence Timmons, and before that both Ryan Clark and Antonio Brown were brawling it out. This is what you love to see in training camp, the intensity level is up, first day in pads, these guys are just itching to hit someone and make a statement for the coaches.

Heath Miller didn’t practice today again due to ankle injury, and Sean Spence was limited due to shoulder injury suffered on Friday, not believed to be serious.

The following is some review from Tunch Ilkin, Bob Labriola, and Mike Prisuta after practice was over:

Rough day for Baron Batch at times, beat by Sylvester and others. Keith Butler had them doing it again and Batch held his own later on against Sylvester.

Ryan Clark and Antonio Brown got into a big scuffle, pretty heated confrontation. After 3 days of doing nothing you get a chance to hit some people.

11 on 11 drills – Colon just owned Lawrence Timmons in his first action at Guard. Pouncey and Colon were double teaming McLendon. Colon then move up to take on Timmons; Colon then buried his helmet into the chest of Timmons, picked him up and drove him into the ground. Both players got into it in another scuffle.

The key for the offense is to be more physical.

Colon, Pouncey, and DeCastro can be a lethal, dominating trio on the line if they stay healthy. All are big, mean, and tough. All have good feet and ability to adjust in pass coverage.

Offense focusing on the run game today almost exclusively. When you do it and practice it over and over you get better at it. Traditionally the Steelers always want to run the ball but there’s a big emphasis so far on getting back to that.

Colon: They’re tired of hearing how they don’t run the ball well. Haley is holding them to it; lineman are taking it to heart.

Tomlin post practice briefing :

The Tomlin report for Saturday was short, as is typical for Latrobe. He did speak on a few topics which we highlighted below:

A lot of 1 on 1’s today. Starting the process of putting them in competitive situations. Dont’ read too much into it yet, just getting started.

Sean Spence, minor injury, shoulder. Hurt it on Friday in practice. He was limited today but did participate.

Good work, good energy. Need to clean up the professionalism, but that’s all part of the process. (referring to the scuffles today between Colon and Timmons, Brown and Clark.

Wallace update: “None”

Chris Rainey: Held him out of pass protection drills because no cut blocking is allowed: I’m not going to pull my boat with a Ferrari”.

Who stood out in backs on backers: “everybody experienced a little success and a little failure, a lot to teach from”


Below are tweets during the afternoon practice, followed by a few pics taken today as well by media on site.

@steelers: Hampton: I think we have a nucleus of young guys that are really good. Everybody doesn’t know that yet because they haven’t played.

@Buzzsawpgh: Chris Rainey returning kickoffs in drills. Tomlin was noncommittal when asked if Antonio Brown now made too much $$ to play special teams.

Casey Hampton also said he feels “good” in rehab, he’s running, working out, “My goal is to be ready for the first game.” #Steelers

@DVEMike: It’s Saturday afternoon and the pads are on at St. Vincent @DVERADIO

@Ken_Laird: #Steelers have shoulder pads on today, but Chris “Rainman” Rainey only player with thigh pads in

@DVEMike: Chris Rainey warms up for Backs-on-‘Backers by attacking “Big Bertha” @dveradio

@BuzzsawPGH: Chris Rainey=very fast.But it’s funny watching him in practice. All the other RBs so much bigger. They move sled 3yrds; hardly budges for CR

#Steelers practice factoid that means nothing:Chris Rainey appears to be the only one of 80+ players to be in his uniform pants. Rest=shorts

Chris Rainey returning kickoffs in drills. Tomlin was noncommittal when asked if Antonio Brown now made too much $$ to play special teams

@Ken_Laird : Backs on backers drill over. David Johnson and Will Johnson both impressive in pass pro. Foote was getting verbally abused by Tomlin

Redman v Timmons highest profile match early. Tomlin “Law Dawg got you, Red, let me know when you want a rematch” 33 better 2nd time

Rainey draws oohs and aahs in 11 on 11 run drills w his shifty moves. Took a lick and stayed up on one carry

#steelers first padded 11 on 11 & all theyre doing is running the ball. Looks live. Todd Haley making a statement

@Ken_Laird: Polamalu blows up running play in teams drills. One handed tackle of Dwyer who goes into fetal position at sight of 43

Great catch by Sanders on 15 yd cross v Ike. Seeing a lot of 88 v 24

Decastro working in w 1st team o-line, but haven’t seen Adams do so yet. Trai LT

@gerrydulac : It is probably safe to assume now that Mike Wallace no longer has Mike Tomlin’s support.

@BuzzsawPGH: For what it’s worth, Mendenhall looks limber/fast/healthy running sprints back-forth along back if end zone during practice

@steelers: It’s raining buckets here in Latrobe.

@BuzzsawPGH: Interesting formation with Chris Rainey AND Baron Batch lined up to the sides of Ben. Hard to envision those 2 on the field at the same time

@CBSSportsNFLPIT: For what it’s worth, after practice Tomlin made it a point of complimenting Baron Batch & in pointing out Chris Rainey had trouble blocking

@Ken_Laird: Tomlin’s update on Wallace situation: “None”

@CBSSportsNFLPIT: To be fair, Tomlin recognizes the180-lb Rainey needs to “cut block” but understandably didn’t want him doing that to teammates. #Steelers

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