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2012 Steelers training camp, July 27 recap (pics included)

The morning practice was again closed to the public, as is the norm at St. Vincent college so there normally isn’t much to report until the afternoon workouts that start at 2:55pm each day. Players also don’t tweet as much as they normally do because camp is a serious time and they are focused on their playbooks, film study, meetings, etc. Especially now with a new offense to install, many new faces all clamoring for a roster spot, you need every edge you can get.

Today was also the first day that fans get gain access to watch the team going through it’s practice and the players are always a bit more motivated when they hear the fans cheering. Stay tuned here for a recap of the days updates from local media on site, including any pictures available as well. For a full schedule and more great camp information, check out our 2012 Steelers Training Camp Fan Guide.

One thing to look forward it the likely event of the “backs on backers” drill on Saturday. Always a spirited event with a lot of talking and intense hitting going on.

Tomlin after practice: Not much from Mike Tomlin in the short post practice chat with the media: He did comment on Isaac Redman and that’s “gained the respect of his peers”. He also commented on Jonathan Dwyer saying “He’s better than he was” (referring to last season in camp).

Humidity & Weather: Mid-80 temps & humidity, “we need this,”Tomlin said after 2nd full day.”We need to get into football condition.The only way is by playing.”

There were no injuries to report from the days’ practice other than Jeremy Kapinos (back spasms) out “a day or 2″ per Tomlin.

Below is a timeline of how things went down from the media perspective:

During the morning there was a tweet from Joe Starkey talking about rookie RB Chris Rainey that I personally found quite interesting since I’m a retro type of guy:

Chris Rainey has bout 20 plastic wristbands, all w different meaning, says ‘never’ takes em off. Also has florescent green sneakers on2day


3pm-4pm Updates:

@steelers: Fans have begun arriving for the first public practice of 2012 training camp!

@MarkKaboly_Trib: Wes Saunders said he hasn’t heard about his appeal on his four-week (three game) suspension for using adderall.

Don’t get on Wes Saunders. He made a mistake by taking aderall once and got busted for it. He will eventually be a pretty good TE

Leftwich on Ben “Last year was the best Ben has ever played.That may not be numbers wise, but as far as what was put on him .. and the plays he made mentally, the things he did from the quarterback position was amazing.”

@DVEMike: Stretching it out on the turf on Friday afternoon

@CBSSPortsNFLPit:Heath Miller: After OTAs and minicamp, Todd Haley offense”feels more natural now. Ur not thinkin all the way up 2 the line what ur gonna do”

Willie Colon plays a similar “nasty” style to Maurkice Pouncey and David DeCastro — the #Steelers new interior OL embraces that persona

Colon: “Being in the interior along w/Pounce &..DeCastro..We will have a chance to really show our aggressiveness. And we plan no doing it.”

@DVEMike: Isaac Redman setting the pace for the running backs @DVERADIO

Yes, it’s hot out here @DVERADIO

4-5pm Updates:

@CBSSportsNFLPIT: LaMarr Woodley on the 2011 #Steelers defense:”The ranking was high, but I don’t think we played good defense last year.”

@DVEMike: Mike Tomlin monitoring, probably thinking thoughtfully non-rhythmic thoughts @DVERADIO

@BuzzsawPGH: Interesting from W.Colon:”I think we’re a team that’s gonna run the ball a lot more” Mighta been out of somehwat out of context,but still…

Adams and decastro switching in with first team during drills

Brandon Johnson working second team LOLB

For no pads yet, the intensity has picked up significantly.

Kelvin Beachum at tackle. Was supposed to be working guard.

Josh just saw the Steelers complete a screen pass to a running back. I don’t believe him

Woodley:”Last yr it happened alot, we gave up a lotta big plays @ crucial times. If U wanna b a great def, you havta cut out the big plays.”

L.Woodley on rookie LB Sean Spence:”He reminds me of Lawrence Timmons. Once Sean Spence learns this defense he can a real plauer.”#Steelers


Trib: Desmond Howard at camp for a couple days helping as intern.

Drew Butler. Wow. Just wow. 75 in the air. Twice


#steelers punter Drew Butler from Georgia just crushed two punts. Great hang time

Ken_Laird: Earlier Emmanuel Sanders went 1 on 1 vs Ike on deep route and was blanketed. Tomlin: “I see you 2-4!” #Steelers

Cortez Allen drops possible INT on Byron throw. I still think he replaces Keenan by Week 3 #Steelers

Toney Clemons has one go off hands on 20 yd out route. Would have been nice catch, Keenan was there to rake #Steelers

Emmanuel Sanders sporting the gold cleats today #Steelers

Great catch in 7 on 7 by Marquis Maze from Alabama, diving grab toward the sideline drew cheers from the crowd
MarkKaboly_Trib: Willie Colon out in front of baron batch on a screen. Very quick.

I do believe I just saw a direct snap to Chris Rainey

Returning punts are sanders Cotchery Rainey and A Brown

I do believe I just jinxed drew butler. Last two punts not good.

5-6pm Updates:

JoeStarkey1: Charlie Batch on Haley adapting some terminology to what was here: “He was able to say, ‘If that’s how they get it, I’ll accept the change.”

Ken_Laird:: Emmanuel Sanders sporting the gold cleats today #Steelers

Issac Redman: “It’s a done deal. Chris Rainey will be carrying my pads tomorrow” #Steelers

@CBSSportsNFLPit: Good sign or bad omen when your injury of the first full days is the punter? Jeremy Kapinos left with “back discomfort,” Mike Tomlin said.

Isaac Redman, whose helmet flew off one carry: “I’m just going to try hold it down until [Rashard Mendenhall] comes back. “How long is that?

Mid-80 temps & humidity, “we need this,”Tomlin said after 2nd full day.”We need to get into football condition.The only way is by playing.”

Jeremy Kapinos (back) out “a day or 2,” Mike Tomlin indicated. Drew Butler, son of Bears K Kevin, punted inconsistently Fri. — deep, short.

@JoeStarkey1:  Asked Rainey if he’s fastest guy on team, including Wallace: “Well, whoever wants to race me, I’m always ready.”

@CBSSportsNFLPIT : OL from left: Gilbert, Ramon Foster, Pouncey, Colon & Trai Essex. Tho rookies David DeCastro (RG) and Mike Adams (LT) swapped 1st-team time.

Defensive gem of Friday may belong to 2nd-year CB Cortez Allen, who leaped high to tip pass with 2 WRs behind him. Allen=nickel or starter?

Pads go on Saturday. Real practice commences then. RB Ike Redman can’t wait: “You can’t give guys credit in just jerseys.”

@Ken_Laird : Ryan Clark on Polamalu: “Troy’s Samoan, & the smallest I’ve ever seen play football. So sometimes he’s going to get a little fat” #Steelers
– From BRC’s Droid Bionic of Coolness

Below are the pictures posted up today courtesy of the Steelers twitter and other media personnel on site.



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