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Warren Sapp ripping the Steelers again. (ho-hum)

In what is now becoming an annual rite of passage for him, former all-pro defensive tackle and current NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp is again taking shots at the Pittsburgh Steelers. I should probably stress the term ‘current’ is very loosely held these days with Sapp’s time at the NFL Network reportedly coming to an end but I think most of you know that already.

Last season, Sapp went out on a ‘treacherous limb’ and called the Steelers “old” following their 35-7 opening day loss to Baltimore. Wow, what a ground-breaking statement considering the Steelers were in fact the oldest defense in the NFL going into last season.

He went on to say the Steelers as we knew them were done and they wouldn’t make the playoffs which angered the Steeler Nation and rightfully so. No one wants to hear their team bashed but especially when they are already licking their wounds from a humiliating loss.

Of course the Steelers would only lose only three more games en route to a 12-4 regular season record proving once again that many football-players-turned analysts don’t know how to analyze teams any better than you or I do. Perhaps Sapp should have spent more time analyzing his bank accounts seeing as he filed for bankruptcy recently.

With another year upon us, the mouth that roared has once again gone after the Steelers. Sapp recently said the Steelers will fall below .500 this season and claimed the loss of leadership would be too much to overcome.

Another keen piece of insight from the guru himself. With the losses of James Farrior, Aaron Smith and Hines Ward, Sapp sees this team heading into a downward spiral. Let’s examine this for a second. Aaron Smith didn’t play last year due to injury. Hines Ward barely saw the field and only did at times to get him to his 1,000th career reception. And Farrior saw less and less time on the field as well especially in 3rd downs and passing situations.

Yes, all three of these men were important leaders and valuable guys to have in the locker room but any analyst worth a damn would have been able to see the minimal affect these guys had on the outcomes of games last season.

Obviously Sapp is not among any group of these analysts or else he would have watched his words more closely. This is something he has a hard time doing as evidenced by his claim that former Saints’ tight end Jeremy Shockey was the squealer who made ‘BountyGate’ public. This was a bold-faced lie and while I’m not exactly a huge Shockey fan, he had every right to be pissed about his name being attached to the situation. The NFL itself stated that Shockey had nothing to do with their investigation completely discrediting Sapp.

Along with his fellow Steelers-hater Marshall Faulk, the two have formed quite a little duo there at NFLN. Faulk routinely agrees with Sapp regarding anyting negative he might say about the Steelers but this is essentially what these jobs are now about. Be a former player, have a strong opinion and don’t give a damn if you’re right or wrong.

Guys like Sapp simply come up with something, throw it against the wall and hope it sticks. At this point, nothing has stuck yet for Sapp regarding the Steelers and it won’t. If rumors are true about his certain demise from the NFLN for his out-of-line comments about Shockey you can count on one fan base that will gladly hold the door open for him and give him a swift kick in the ass on the way out.

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