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Steelers not likely to reduce offer to Mike Wallace

Your regular dose of Mike Wallace rhetoric is here for the taking, courtesy of Steelers inside Ed Bouchette of the Post Gazette. In his article today, via his blog, he talks about the Wallace contract situation and how as of Friday the Steelers have the option to reduce his 1 yr. tender offer if they choose. However that doesn’t look like the route they’ll take.

With the chance to reduce Mike Wallace’s salary from $2.742 million to $577,500 next Friday, the Steelers will pass, I’ve been told. It would make little sense for them to do that and perhaps increase the chances of Wallace not showing up for training camp and beyond if they did. Missing out on the weekly game check of $161,294 hurts a lot more than missing out on $33,971. It’s also not the way the Steelers do business. They want Wallace at training camp and available to open the regular season. Paying him $2 million less would not encourage that.

As Ed points out, it wouldn’t make much sense for them to reduce the offer. They already have the cap space allocated and in the end they want a deal to get done, not drag on longer than it has too. Lowering his offer would do nothing more than fuel his fire of discontent and that’s the last thing anybody wants at this point.

Getting a long term deal done is still the ultimate goal and there’s no reason to think that scenario still can’t or won’t unfold.

Wallace is disguntled and thinks he’s far outplayed his rookie deal. He may be right but the Steelers aren’t ignorant of that fact. They know he’s going to want big money, perhaps more than what they feel he’s worth or that they can justify in the confines of their salary cap. They will offer him a fair deal, honestly most seem to feel something around the $50 million dollar range would be more than fair at this point. Giving a 3rd year player anything more than that just seem justifiable in my mind. Not yet at least.

He’s only been in the league for 3 years now, he’s still got atleast 2 more big contracts to go in his career, assuming he stays healthy. That last part is I’m sure a big concern for him and his agent because you can’t ever project when injuries will occur. Still though the Steelers will not be bullied into a deal they aren’t comfortable with, no matter what the players name is or what they are capable of.

Here’s a little food for thought, make of it what you wish: The top base salaries for WR’s in 2012 is as follows:

Vincent Jackson: $11 million
Wes Welker: $9.915 million
Dwayne Bowe: $9.443 million
Brandon Marshall: $9.3 million
Santonio Holmes: $7.75 million

Can you make a case that Wallace deserves that kind of money per year? Is he better than all or any of those names? He’s certainly not as established as those names but he does have the big play capability of each of them.

Ben Roethlisberger’s deal was for 6 years, $102 million. Can the Steelers justify another $100 million + player on the roster? That remains to be seen but for my money there is just no way they are going to give Wallace anywhere close to that type of deal so early in his career. We shall see what transpires over the coming weeks and months heading into training camp and preseason.


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