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SteelerNation call to action: Thief targeting Steelers banners

Being part of the SteelerNation comes with a certain amount of responsibility to your brothers and sisters in Black ‘N Gold. Ok perhaps that’s a bit dramatic but there’s no denying that when tragedy strikes in one form or another as it relates to Steelers fans, those who own businesses that involve being part of the Steelers family, etc. the fans all across the country come together to help out.

So for anyone that is in the D.C. area or has connections there, perhaps we can all pull together and help find the lame brain who’s targeting banners of our team. See the article below from WTAE and perhaps we can help catch this deranged fan or hater, however you want to look at it.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Libby Kavoulakis said three Pittsburgh Steelers banners have been stolen from her home since she moved to Washington, D.C., and she got so tired of it that she installed surveillance cameras and got video of the latest theft.

“I put a sign up again and I didn’t think anyone would be dumb enough to take it but someone took it,” Libby Kavoulakis said.

In the footage, a car is seen pulling up to her home before a man gets out and jumps over a stone wall that surrounds her home. A second camera captured the man walking across the lawn and making a beeline for her “You’re In Steelers Country” banner, trying to rip down one corner of it.

“When he gets that end off, he steps on my flower bed and puts his foot against the wall and yanks the Steelers banner off the other two corners and nonchalantly gets into the car,” Kavoulakis said.

The Mt. Lebanon native said her property is not easily accessible or necessarily right in public view, so someone had to plan out the thefts. She said she stunned a responding police officer with the proof.

“I didn’t think he was expecting to have live action video of it so I made him watch it over and over — pointing out the different aspects of it. I hope he was appreciative,” Kavoulakis said.
The distraught fan has posted the videos to YouTube and GooglePlus and is getting a lot of support from Steeler nation.“We are going to find him. I just wish he’d make it easy on himself and turn himself in to police, plus his accomplices who were driving the car,” Kavoulakis said.


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