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SteelDad’s Rant and Slants; The Premiere!

At, it is our hope that we are always bringing something informative, thought-provoking and fun to you the reader when it comes to our Steelers. Keeping those same thoughts in mind, I’m really excited to bring a weekly look around the league to you. These are my thoughts and opinions of the National Football League’s comings and goings. I expect this to grow significantly once the season starts but for now, this is the maiden voyage and without much football, it won’t be ridiculously long.

-Thanks for reading!

Kicking off…

I wasn’t surprised to see the comments of Pittsburgh General Manager Kevin Colbert last week regarding the respect the Steelers have for Baltimore’s Terrell Suggs. As much as we fans love to the bash the guy, you’d be a complete fool not to recognize his dominance against us. Yes, many are happy he blew out his achilles’ tendon, but that doesn’t take away the fact he has been a great player in the league’s fiercest rivalry.

Cleveland GM Mike Holmgren reminds me more and more of a used car salesman every time he talks. His constant back-and-forth over what to do with QB Colt McCoy has become almost funny, but expected from the Browns. Holmgren claims that he has no interest in trading him now that Brandon Weeden is in the fold, but I guarantee the first team to lose a quarterback in training camp will be calling to ask for the selling price on McCoy and Holmgren will listen intently.

The Vikings’ Percy Harvin claims he has no idea where these rumors of him wanting out of Minnesota are coming from. He may be very well telling the truth but let’s say he isn’t. Most pundits this week said the Vikings would fools to trade such an explosive young player and I agree with one caveat. Why wouldn’t you at least see what teams would offer? The Vikes are in a suddenly brutal division with little chance of making the playoffs. If a team offered me the moon for Harvin in terms of draft picks I’d be all ears.

New to the Twitter-verse this week was ESPN’s Ed Werder and wouldn’t you know it? He tweeted something ‘Cowboys related.’ After LeBron’s first title Werder asked the question, “Who is now the most accomplished professional in sports without a title? Tony Romo?” I thought it a joke but apparently not. Let’s see who I can possibly think of… Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, Dwight Howard, Alex Ovechkin, Josh Hamilton…. You get the picture. What a stupid tweet.


I this section during the season, I’m going to feature some of the comments of the ‘experts’ that were said prior to, during or after games that maybe didn’t make the most sense.

The Second Half

I wrote earlier this week that I really don’t see anyone catching Emmitt Smith for the rushing title anytime soon. With the retirement of LaDanian Tomlinson, who would have been a long shot at best, Smith’s record is now one of the safest in sports.

Speaking of Tomlinson who the Steelers traditionally bottled up quite well, I found it amazing that in his career, he never had knee surgery and never had a concussion. Incredible.

Very cool of Steelers’ Brett Keisel, James Harrison, Ryan Mundy and Emmanuel Sanders to go to Mexico City and host a football camp. You’ll notice Mr. Rooney and Mr. Goodell that this was a football camp, NOT a regular season home game….

The Two-Minute Drill (This will be quick blurbs about the NFL and just about everything else.)

  • Reports out of Detroit claim that Calvin Johnson is bigger and faster than ever before. Is that possible?
  • Gregg Williams admits it happened and players don’t. I know ‘something’ happened related to bounties but the NFL has once again screwed up an investigation.
  • Lots of optimism about the Bengals heading into 2012. Don’t Marvin Lewis teams usually crash and burn after good seasons?
  • Still waiting for Vince Young to declare the Bills this year’s “Dream Team…”
  • If you’re tired of Tebowmania, wait until the season starts. And then wait until Sanchez stinks it up. I’m cringing already.
  • Is it just me or does Bears’ QB Jay Cutler look stoned all the time?
  • Little Jerry Seinfeld in Mets’ Locker Room. Anything keeping ‘Seinfeld’ alive is alright with me.
  • Love the ’80’s music in ‘Rock of Ages but Tom Cruise? I’m passing.
  • Training Camp less than two months away. Can’t wait!
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