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Sapp is a prefect example of why accountability is lacking.

Earlier this week I ripped into Warren Sapp for his comments regarding the Steelers and how he just never seems to quit. The more I think about it, the whole situation reeks of a larger problem within the National Football League.

With ESPN and the NFL Network employing almost every former player or coach who has ever stepped foot on an NFL sideline doing commentary and analysis, the overkill has reached epic proportions. Just this week in fact, ESPN hired former Miami Dolphin Jason Taylor now giving the worldwide leader enough former players to officially become the league’s 33rd franchise.

Ever heard of the phrase “too much analysis brings on paralysis?” This is the problem for NFL fans at it’s core.

In the 21st century world of instant news and insatiable controversial topics, the NFL and its’ network partners are going out of their way to create issues and stories rather than actually report on them. Sapp going after the Steelers is a perfect example of this.

It has always been customary for former players to make their way into broadcast booths of their respective sports but now it has gone crazy. Few former players have garnered much respect from critics and fans as color men during NFL games and few are great at their craft when it comes to analysis during games or back in the studio pre or post-game.

As fans, we all have our opinions of who does a great job and who doesn’t so I’m not going to throw my two cents in for this piece anyway as far as who I like. My point is where this entire idea has gone to now in 2012. Warren Sapp has any right just like any other ‘analyst’ to predict or comment on a particular team, but at what point do these guys become accountable for what they say?

I used to think the only people in the world who could be wrong 50% of the time and still keep their jobs were our local weather persons but I’m discovering that isn’t true. The talking heads of professional football have proven they are just as capable of being wrong half the time yet still keep their job. Why? Because they provoke responses from idiots like me that’s why!

Warren Sapp was wrong about the Steelers last year and then was way off base about his Jeremy Shockey accusation which quite frankly was and is tantamount to slander in this country yet as of now he continues to work for the NFLN. I’m not asking for perfection nor is anyone else but if the networks and ESPN and the NFLN are going to continue hitting us over the head with half-truths it would be nice if someone was held accountable for a change.

Honestly, I don’t even watch pregame shows anymore. As a Steelers’ fan, I would much rather listen to pregame radio coverage right up until kickoff. If I’m going to hear news that may or may not be true than I’d at least like to hear it from my own team’s guys.

Sapp and his fellow cronies will continue to have jobs in the TV industry simply because they create controversy and are more interesting than Chris Mortenson or Adam Schefter even though those guys are much more informative and accurate.

It would just be nice if one time, I mean just once…. If one of these ‘experts’ were held accountable for the crap that comes out of their mouth. I’m not holding my breath however.


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