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Seventh-Rounder Beachum is a quick study

How on Earth can you not pull for a kid like Kelvin Beachum? If you’ve heard his name it’s more than likely due to the fact you’re a Steelers’ fan and you know that Beachum was chosen in the seventh round of the 2012 National Football League Draft.

My guess is that while being drafted into professional football is a very big accomplishment for him, I’m thinking that the fact that Beachum recently graduated from Southern Methodist University with a Master’s Degree might rank a little higher.

In an era when many players who come out of college don’t even have their Bachelor’s Degree, Beachum has done them, and nearly everyone else, one better. Completed in just 16 months, his Master’s is in Liberal Studies with a concentration on organizational behavior. This really is an incredible accomplishment for the young man.

Oh, did I mention he gave the commencement address at his graduation ceremony as well?

For an encore, Beachum will now attempt to make the 53-man roster of the Pittsburgh Steelers. As he tweeted the other day, “his studies will now involve the playbook.” Being a hard worker or being exceptionally bright does not automatically equate to being a successful NFL player. Yes, it can certainly help, but it is no guarantee because physical ability obviously plays a vital role. Throw in the fact that 7th round picks aren’t exactly ‘guaranteed’ spots on the team and what you have is a long-shot situation for Beachum.

Nobody loves hard-working, intelligent guys more than Steelers’ fans so he will have his many, many supporters as he enters his first NFL Training Camp this summer. Should he not be fortunate enough to make the team or any other in the league, I have a really strong suspicion that Kelvin Beachum will be just fine in life.

Well done and good luck young man!

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