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Ben Roethlisberger talks BBQ fundraising and the new playbook

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger was on the DVE Morning show on Wednesday to talk about his part in the BlacknGold Fundraising program, his BBQ Sauce and of course the topic of the Steelers new playbook came up.

It’s always great to see professional athlete’s getting involved in great causes like the Children’s Hospital and other charities. Especially for the veterans who normally don’t have the workout requirements by the team that the rookies do, they can devote some of their spare time to helping out those in need. - Some of your favorite Pittsburgh style bbq spices complete with a cooler to keep. See more info below on what comes with the package, which you can check out and purchase here or on DVE’s website.

Product Descriptions:

COOLER – large vertical 16 can cooler with our beautiful Pittsburgh skyline reading BLACK & GOLD – IT’S A BURGH THING!

BIG BENS MILD BBQ SAUCE – A sweet tasting sauce blended with a hint of Cajun, smooth in texture and taste. Perfect on all types of meat and chicken. (18 oz)

BIG BENS SPICY WING SAUCE – Traditional flavor Buffalo Sauce with some heat marinating in a vinegar base. Great on any chicken, pizza, stir-fry, and eggs. (18 oz)

BIG BENS HABANERA SAUCE – World Championship Commemorative bottle. The concentrate hot sauce is loaded with Habanera Peppers. Great on chicken, pizza, eggs, or anything that needs a spiced up. (5 oz)

SILVER STAR MEATS PEPPERS AND ONIONS – Green and red peppers in a rich tomato sauce. Excellent with mild or hot sausage. (16 oz)

MILLERS MUSTARD – 1 MILD AND SWEET AND 1 HOT AND SWEET – Made with fresh banana peppers has a unique taste second to none. Wonderful as a dip with cheese, crackers, and pretzels, and perfect compliment to your sandwich. (12 oz)

QUAKER, STEAK, AND LUBE LOUISIANA LICKER SAUCE – Our most popular sauce! Mixture of Hot, Cajun, BBQ and Garlic sauces. Sweet and Spicy flavor. Award Winning and a guest favorite. It goes great with wings, chicken, burgers, seafood & ribs, and just about anything else! (12 oz)

QUAKER, STEAK, AND LUBE DRY RUB SEASONING – all purpose seasoning, great on steaks, burgers, and chicken. Try it once and you’ll be addicted! (7 oz)

Below is some highlights of the interview with Ben, and you can listen to it in it’s entirety via the player below.

About grilling and the fundraiser: I love to grill, and I know a lot of Pittsburghers like to grill. Perfect fathers gift, it’s perfect bbq weather out these days now too. It benefits Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Continuing to learn the playbook. It’s taking time but we’re getting there. All of this time right now is voluntary but it’s important for all of us to get this down. The big thing about the new playbook is the language and terminology. Some of it is the same but it means something different than it did previously. For instance, we had a route called a turn route, one that Antonio ran really well but now “turn” is a protection. We call 62 turn and that 62 is the protection and turn is the route, so now it’s reversed.

Younger guys having it easier: I think that if a rookie coming in right now has a better advantage than a veteran because you’re coming in with a clean slate. They’ve never heard these terms before.

Sensing enthusiam on the team: I think coach really wants to challenge us, me in particular maybe, but I think this is a challenge for us and it’s making us refocus. Excited might not be the best word because it’s actually creating more stress on us right now. We’ll get back to where we were though and we’ll get comfortable with it.

Changes in the offense: There are some changes but I don’t think it’s anything major. The verbige is the tough part to get.

On Terrell Suggs being out and if he’s more careful in playing basketball during the offseason: Sometimes those things happen. We have a Steelers basketball team and I play on a church softball team. You do have to be careful and you feel bad for a guy. You can’t just sit around and do nothing though all season.

On if Colon will play guard or tackle: I’m not sure what I’m allowed to tell you, sorry Mike.

On if he’s met up with David DeCastro yet: No, he’s still in school but he did ask me to pick up some books for him! (LOL)

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