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Ben Roethlisberger talks about his ankle, offseason so far in 2012

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger was on the Dan Patrick show, talking about several topics going on this offseason with him and the team. Here are some highlights and you can listen to the full 9 minute interview here if you like.

On the topic of his degree: It was very important. He made promise to himself and parents to get it done and is very proud of it. His degree will be coming in the mail and he’s got a frame all ready for it. Getting the degree was important this offseason but now he’s focused on learning the new offense that Todd Haley is installing.

His most memorable class: Last part of an anthropology class on Tibet and knew nothing about it. He read some books and articles of the country and culture there but had to learn everything he knew as he went a long.

On if he would encourage his kids to play football: He said he would encourage his kids to do whatever they want in life but says he won’t allow his kids to play tackle football until 5th or 6th grade.

On the topic of being concerned with the impact of his style of play on his future life: I only know one way to play, and that’s all out. When I’m on the field I don’t think about it.

On the topic of permanent injuries: His ankle is still not fully healed. His shoulder still pops now and then. He doesn’t have anything serious to this point, no headaches or residual issues from hits on the head. He credits his new helmet for helping that scenario.

On the topic of would he pull himself out of a game: Yes he would if the severity of an injury was that bad he would pull himself out.

On the topic of if teams went over the line to take him out. Things happen under the pile on the field. I don’t know if I would say that anyone purposefully tried to end my career. I don’t complain about hits on the field. When we played the 49ers there were some extra hits going on.

On the Broncos loss: It’s already gone. You can’t dwell on it.

On the Dark Knight Rises movie: We have a small role during the part at Heinz Field. I show up on the sideline. I’m a good guy. There were bunch of players who are in the movie.

On the offensive lineman in the draft: It’s great on paper, we’ll see what happens when they get on the field. You have to love the picks though and have I’ve heard good things.

On if he’ll do any hazing to the rookies: It’s not smart to haze the lineman. When he was asked about the call he made to David DeCastro: I was out to dinner on draft day and after DeCastro got drafted I called him and he answered the phone and David says “do you have my flight ready yet” and Ben says, do you know who this is? He’s like uh no. I’m so sorry, I never expected to hear from you I’m so sorry. LOL

It was a good interview by Dan Patrick, asking all the pertinent questions that people want to hear answered. Ben doesn’t do these types of interviews very often so it was nice to hear from him as he really starts focusing on learning the new playbook.

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