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The NFL’s most vicious rivalry: Steelers vs Ravens trailer

Sometimes we at SteelerAddicts  like to throw you a little curve ball, or perhaps a shovel pass is a more appropriate term. Amongst all the draft talk is something to take your mind in another direction if even for a few minutes but if you’re like me, it’s worth it.  Thanks to for what you’ll see below. Read on…

As we get closer to the NFL draft; all of the major stories of course surround who is going to choose whom and when.  We’re certainly covering as many angles of the NFL draft as possible, just like always.  For the Steeler Nation though, change is a double edged sword. It means the passing of names we’ve watched for years and the influx of young prospects waiting to show what they’ve got. but the young talent brought in by Kevin Colbert and the Rooney’s always gets the regular season juices stirring even in April.

However, let’s not forget that one of reasons we love to be Steeler fans is the rivalries in the AFC North. There’s no better smash mouth, blood fest, than Pittsburgh vs Baltimore. Regardless of who wins each year, both teams look at these game as a marquee matchup on their schedules.

For the fans it’s nothing short of a titantic battle between two cities full of rival fans who hate each other with a burning passion. So with all the draft talk in full swing, take a minute and lets look forward to a little piece of heaven (or hell) for the upcoming 2012 season, courtesy of

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