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Steelers tradition alive and well in new uniforms

The new NFL uniforms were unveiled today in a frenzied event that had the social media buzzing.  Members of the media from around the country and the globe were on hand to get their first official look at the the new NFL digs, courtesy of Nike; who took over as the leagues apparel company as of April 1, 2012. .

The Steelers uniform, as we all knew, is largely unchanged. The classic stripes on the jersey arms are still there, the same round numbers and overall vintage feel.  On a side note, the team announced this week that among the many festivities planned to celebrate the commemorative 80th season, they will unveil a new logo. It will not replace the official team logo, that would be blasphemy. Although the Steelers have yet to give many specifics,  it figures to be available on 80th season merchandise and perhaps the team will wear it as a patch on their uniforms this year, similar to the 75th anniversary season.

A statement from and DE Brett Keisel on the new uniforms

Steelers fans will be happy to know the familiar black jersey with the classic stripes they have come to know and love has not gone through any major appearance changes.

“The Pittsburgh Steelers are a storied franchise,” said defensive end Brett Keisel at the team’s practice facility shortly after the jerseys were unveiled. “It’s built around a winning tradition. Part of that is black and gold. I can’t imagine the Rooneys switching to a new uniform.

“But we’ll be looking sharp out there in our new Nike uniforms and hopefully they will help us win a lot of games and bring that seventh Lombardi Trophy we are all looking for.”

The one major change will be in the fit and make of the jersey. Nike has brought their innovative technology to the jerseys, with the material and the fabric being the major difference, allowing for a better fit for players.

“I am one of those guys that are really superstitious about my jersey,” said Keisel. “I used to tape underneath my pads. They are telling me I don’t have to tape anymore. It’s form-fitted. I am excited to wear it. Nike has the best product out there. It’s time for a change and we are looking forward to our new Nike uniforms.”

For me, as much as I love the tradition of the Steelers, I wouldn’t mind seeing an all black, modern style uniform to be used on special occasions. I can dream right? I certainly would not be in favor replacing the main stream uniform that we all know and love; that would never happen anyways. One thing about the Rooney’s, they believe and embrace the history of their franchise and the NFL as a whole.

Below are some pictures of the unveil as tweeted out by many on hand at the event. As you can see the Steelers uniforme was modeled by none other than Ben Roethlisberger.

Previous Nike NFL uniform apparel was announced in the form of the new gloves and shoes that the players will be able to wear.  Pics below.


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