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Short video documentary on the Immaculate Reception

Where were you during the immaculate reception? For all those Steeler fans that saw that it happen either live or on TV, you remember it vividly. It’s been long known as the first step that turned the Steelers from perennial losers into a 4 time Super Bowl Champion Dynasty. A play for the ages that is on every NFL Films highlight reel and is celebrated each year by Steeler fans as much as it’s loathed by Raider supporters.

Perhaps you weren’t even alive when it happened but you’ve seen videos about it, heard people talk about it. For those that weren’t there, imagine the electricity at Heinz Field when the Steelers are in playoff, the AFC Championship Game even. Then crank that up x10 and that’s what it was like when Franco Harris made the most heralded catch in Steelers history. A friend of our family was there that day and talked about it many times, about how much it meant to a city going through tough economic times. That day, that play, renewed hope for a city that longed for something to cheer for in the midst of so much uncertainty.

Many believe it was the greatest play in NFL history, although I’m sure you’d get some serious contradiction from Raiders fans.

Here’s a short video courtesy of Bleacher Report, about 6 minutes long that talks about how it went down, who really gets credit for it, and some other interesting tidbits. Franco Harris is interviewed along with Steelers reporters Guy Junker and Bob Dvorchak, and some Steelers fans who were there.

The 40th anniversary of the Immaculate Reception is December 23, 2012.

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