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NFL Draft is just another day for successful Steelers

If you’re a fan of the National Football League then chances are you actually enjoy the hours and hours of endless NFL Draft coverage provided by ESPN and the NFL Network. Sure there are fans who could care less and just want to see who their team selected, but overall, most fans will tune in to see more of the draft than they may have otherwise thought they would.

 Take that idea and simplify it if you’re a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. While the draft is as crucial to the Steelers as it is any other team, there has always been a certain ‘ho-hum attitude’ when it comes to the Steelers and their time to pick in the annual meat market known as the NFL Draft.

 Why do I suggest the Steelers to be a bit of a bore when it comes the draft? Think about it and in short time you’ll see where I’m going. Consider the fact the Pittsburgh Steelers have not had the overall number one draft pick since a guy named Terry Bradshaw was selected first in the 1969 NFL Draft out of Louisiana Tech.

 The last time they were in the top 10 was in 2000 when they selected Plaxico Burress with the eighth overall selection out of Michigan State. In 2004, they took another QB when Ben Roethlisberger was selected with 11th overall pick.

 With this year included, over the last 13 NFL Drafts, the Steelers average selecting position is just a hair under the 22nd spot. This is not exactly a position that garners huge attention from the national media or television and radio experts so you can see why the Steeler Nation isn’t always in a ‘must-see’ TV mode early in the draft. When was the last time you saw Ed Werder or Suzy Kolber posted up outside the Steelers’ War Room on draft day? I honestly can’t remember.

 There is a reason for that and it mostly has to do with our success each football season. The better you do in the regular and post-season, the lower your draft pick becomes so the two covering networks really could care less what we do when we are typically choosing so low in the draft.

 There is another reason however that we are often treated like a red-headed step-child on draft day and this won’t surprise either; we aren’t glamorous or sexy and we don’t do anything overly flashy. All the things that the networks want, we don’t do and I personally, couldn’t be happier about it.

 I guarantee ESPN will have people in Dallas and New York for both the Jets and Giants. There will be someone in San Diego and certainly someone in New Orleans where much of the off-season drama has occurred. There will be someone in Baltimore simply because Roger Goodell’s favorite team couldn’t go uncovered right?

 We don’t do big trades and we won’t be looking to move up or move down save for a couple of spots here or there which has happened from time to time. We are clearly the boring, nerdy kid who sits at the front of the class with most of the answers yet gets ignored by the teacher due to his overwhelming success.

It really is OK for us to be a little less than enthusiastic on this Thursday evening when we will be picking 24th. Don’t misunderstand me, I’ll be watching and I’ll be ready with my praise or critique of whatever we do with that pick, but I’m not going to be entrenched to the point of having butterflies in my stomach. I know how we do things when it comes to the draft and so do you. Be glad we are who we are because I’d much rather be here than worrying about picking Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III.

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