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New uniforms? So what? There will always be debate.

Now that Nike has unveiled the newest in National Football League attire for all 32 teams, the debates are now well underway as to just whose uniforms are indeed the best. Let me end the bickering once and for all because we all know the Pittsburgh Steelers have the best uniforms far and away so you may now return to your regularly scheduled program.

 What? That’s not quite true you say? How dare you suggest anyone else is even remotely close to the black ‘n gold? Wait a minute, so you’re saying the Steelers unis’ are the best but you have ways to improve them? How do you do that if they are already the best?

 The above is something that many Steelers’ fans can relate too because even though most of us love the classic black ‘n gold, there is still debate inside the Steeler Nation over several important uniform issues. Ironically, the biggest of these of issues was created by Nike when they changed the Steelers’ traditional block numerals to the more ‘rounded style we’ve seen since the mid ‘90’s.

 Most traditional, (a nice way of saying ‘old’ Steelers’ fans), prefer the block numerals to the current numeral style. I would include myself in this group. Steelers’ fans don’t like a lot of change, see our number of head coaches since 1969 for evidence.

 Many fans would like to see the addition of black pants with a gold stripe. I’d be OK with this, but I would also like to see the return of white pants with the black stripes that were last seen in the early 1970’s, throwbacks not withstanding.

 If you are even going to mumble about the logo being on one-side of the helmet than consider yourself exiled from the Steeler Nation. That tradition will never change nor do we want it to either.

 While it’s wonderful that Nike has once again jumped back into the NFL apparel business with their ‘lighter materials’ and ‘built for speed’ design, it would be nice if they continued to leave things as they should be. The numeral tinkering has done enough psychological damage to me and many others so just please continue to let the sleeping dog lay if you would.

 We Steelers’ fans have enough on our plates without you getting creative again so I guess I should at least thank you for leaving things alone; this time.

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