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Blogging the Steelers; Not all are created equal

Have you asked yourself the following questions at all regarding this blog here at steeler addicts? “Why do I come here? What do I like about it? Does it provide me with information I may not have known?”  If you don’t normally talk to yourself like this that’s OK, but it appears I may need clinical help then.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Ed Bouchette was recently asked by a reader about the rise of ‘internet journalism.’ I felt Bouchette absolutely nailed it in his answer when he said there are basically four types of bloggers out there and because I am using his article as an idea for this I guess I now fall into one or two of those categories. In a nutshell, the four types he sees out there are;

  1. Those that browse mainstream media and then summarize what they’ve found for their own story.
  2. Ones that spew forth their own opinions.
  3. Those that copy others’ opinions and present them as their own.
  4. Those that present analysis, opinions, and insight from those ‘in the game’ like coaches, players, beat writers etc.

I can’t honestly label what we do here at the way Bouchette does but I feel confident that what we do is combination of all four and more. Our goals are not limited or single-minded in purpose when we write for SA. There are times when we want to present information about the Steelers and we do it in a manner that requires research from any number of mediums. Sometimes they are trusted sources while other times they may be from outlets that aren’t quite so reliable and mainstream meaning we stick our necks out a bit.

We strive for uniqueness in what we write. Yes, we’ll cover the on-going Mike Wallace “will he or won’t he” situation of this current off-season, but we aren’t going to beat it to death. How many ways can the same things be written?  In fact, how many times can they be written in a way that presents an appealing bit of information on a subject most Steelers’ fans already know about?

When you are writing about the Steelers, you cannot forget the significance of their past. We at SA like to write about the great history of our team and not always the stuff you’ve seen over and over. Sure we mention the greats like Terry Bradshaw or Mean Joe Greene or Franco Harris, but we want to provide our readers with information they may not have known. Sometimes they end up knowing more than us and we encourage comments anytime, but especially when we aren’t exactly on point.

If you’ve listened to our Blitzburgh Radio Podcasts, you know we like to have fun and that comes out in our writing as well. While everyone wants to be informed or prodded into thinking, we often do it in a way that brings a smile to your face or even a chuckle. We love writing about our Steelers but even we can get bored with material at times so we entertain ourselves the same way we strive to entertain you!

Because being a successful blogger means that you can possibly turn it into a money-making opportunity, it’s crucial to be unique and get people to come back for more but our definition of success isn’t based on income. Being original, informative, humorous and insightfully opinionated is what we strive for here at Where that fits in the Steelers’ blogosphere I have no clue, but I know we take it seriously and enjoy bringing you the best we can in all things ‘Pittsburgh Steelers.’

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