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A closer look at the new Nike Steelers uniforms

Last Week, Nike introduced the world to their new NFL uniforms for all 32 teams. While some, like the Seahawks underwent huge changes the Steelers of course stayed true to their history and tradition. While the uniforms will look basically the same, the craftsmanship and material is state of the art.

On the Nike official website, they provide an in depth look at all the NFL teams uniforms. Of course for us though, we’ll focus on the Steelers.  We’ve included the pictures below and you can use the link referenced in this article to get more information on how they were developed and also get .pdf files on each piece of the uniform.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have chosen to take full innovation minus Flywire technology in the neckline in order to stay true to their design aesthetic. While the Steelers look will stay true to years past, the new Nike Elite 51 Uniform was designed and engineered from the inside out, focusing on creating a system where the baselayer, padding, jersey and pant work in concert. A few of the new innovations include increasing sleeve articulation for better range of motion and integrating new four-way stretch fabrication to provide a streamlined shrink-wrap fit. 

In addition to serving as the Steelers on-field supplier for uniforms, sideline apparel, practice wear and baselayer, Nike will also provide men’s and women’s fan wear apparel. Athletes will now also be able to wear the Nike Vapor Jet 2.0 Glove featuring the interlocking team logo on the palms.

From a fans perspective these new digs just look flat out mean, at least I think so. Take a look for yourself and see what you think.



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