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2012 Steelers preseason schedule includes hosting Colts in primetime

The NFL gave us a taste of what is to come as they released the 2012 preseason schedule for all teams. The Steelers will be on one nationally televised game on Sunday, August 19th at 8pm EST on NBC. The other games are usually only available locally to those in and around Pittsburgh but you can always listen to the Steelers Radio Network streamed lived for every game, right here on Steeler Addicts.

The other games times are not yet announced but the Steelers will also play the following teams during the exhibition stretch of games:

Week 1 (Aug. 9-13) – Steelers vs Eagles, TBA
Week 2 (Aug. 16-20) – 8/19 – Colts vs Steelers, 8pm EST, NBC
Week 3 (Aug. 23-26) – Steelers vs Bills, TBA
Week 4 (Aug. 29-30) – Panthers vs Steelers, TBA

As usual, the Eagles and Panthers are on the schedule but they do get a break from the norm by playing  Indianapolis and traveling to Buffalo.

The Colts game will be our first look at the new Andrew Luck era. While Dick Lebeau won’t go crazy with the blitz packages in preseason it should still be fun to watch. Typically in the 2nd preseason game the starters play into the 2nd quarter before being pulled.  It won’t be until the Bills game that we’ll see the starters play into the 3rd quarter but even then as we know it will still be vanilla.

Pittsburgh doesn’t usually deviate from their typical preseason regimen when it comes to playing their starting 11 on offense and defense but if Mike Tomlin isn’t happy with the performance he has been known to keep them out for an extra series or two than what they originally plan.

Preseason is never anything stellar to watch but for a nation starved for football this is a blessing because the regular season is right around the corner. While the goal is always to win, the first and foremost thing that fans worry about is “no injuries” followed by getting our first glimpse at the young talent drafted months earlier.

Full preseason slate, again minus the times other than nationally televised games for now, can be viewed at




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