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Today in America with Terry Bradshaw

We are pleased to announce a new affiliation with our good friends at Today in America TV, hosted by the one and only Terry Bradshaw.

We’ll be regularly posting up information on the show, articles of interest from the writers at Today in America TV, and much more. Stay tuned as we look forward to big things in the future. Special thanks goes out to our new friend Becca for contacting us and getting everything squared away.

While the show is not specifically about the Steelers, we know the Steeler Nation enjoys keeping tabs on their on their former favorite players, and Terry certainly falls into that category for countless Pittsburgh fans around the world. Be sure and check it out and stay tuned to Today in America for all the latest info.

Today in America with Terry Bradshaw – Introduction

Today in America with Terry Bradshaw is an original cable television program that brings compelling and exciting news features to the audience. The producers of the show are driven to profile unique professionals and businesses. They have expanded that concept and the award winning series profiles the best little cities to live, work and play. The program, which airs on respected cable networks such as CNN Headline News and ESPN 2, invites the viewer to learn along with host Terry Bradshaw.

The show host is popular former Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback Terry Bradshaw. He is a four time Super Bowl champion and inductee into the Hall of Fame. His warm and open personality invites viewers to learn about the subjects with him. Bradshaw has been called one of the most respected sports celebrities in the nation. Today in America TV is honored to have this accomplished and esteemed sports legend as its host.

The cable television program is filmed throughout the nation and in Canada. Editing professionals complete the work in the Today in America Terry Bradshaw studios located in Coral Springs, Florida.  The program covers a variety of subjects from Eco solutions in the workplace to ultimate travel destinations.  It is formatted to be convenient to watch and airs during the day. More information can be found on the show’s Facebook page.

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