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Ticket prices going up for Steelers games in 2012

Looks like the Steelers have decided to raise prices on game tickets for the 2012 season according to a writeup in the Pittsburgh Trib.

The team said the price increase was in order to “meet the challenges of remaining competitive in the National Football League.”

The Steelers did not make prices available, but it is known that tickets which cost $92 in 2011 will cost $100 next season. They did not raise prices for the 2011 season, which was threatened by the NFL lockout. It is the fifth ticket increase in the past eight years. The Steelers did not raise ticket prices following their Super Bowl appearances in the 2005, 2008 and 2010 seasons.

Joe Rutter of the Trib also tweeted out an interesting thought on the prices: @tribjoerutter: Price of success: #Steelers ticket that cost $52 in 2002 is now $100 in 2012. The sad part is, I remember those prices like they were yesterday but yet somehow they seem so long ago. I remember going to games as a kid and my parents complaining of the prices back then when you figure the cost of gas, food, hotel, etc. Now I say the same thing to my kids. We really do grow up doing the same things our parents do after all, who knew?!

Nothing ever stays the same in today’s economy so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Steelers are raising their prices. From the concession vendors inside and outside of Heinz Field to the merchandise itself, you better continue to save your pennies for your weekend trips to Pittsburgh this fall.

I guess the only way we can be assured of prices staying status quo is for either the NFL to have another lockout or the Steelers to win another Super Bowl; I’ll take the latter thank you very much.




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