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Steelers James Harrison weighs in on “bounty gate”

Never at a loss for words or the opportunity to get a quick jab in at the NFL, James Harrison tweeted out on Sunday afternoon his thoughts on the player bounty issue involving Gregg Williams. The scandal is being investigated by the NFL’s security department in regards to defensive players under Williams taking part in bounty’s; incentives to injure or knock opponents out of the game.

@jharrison9292: I’ll just say this, if that was me I would have been kicked out of the NFL!!!

While Harrison didn’t indicate his comments were in direct reference to the scandal, one can only assume this is what he was referring too.

Safety Ryan Clark also tweeted out also today his thoughts on the issue:  @RealRClark25 Never in my career has a defensive coach singled out a player and put $ on his head. I’ve never been offered $ to put a player out of a game. And previously:  Whoever is snitching on the Saints D should be ashamed of themselves. No one was talking about the “bounty” when they got paid. #shame!

The sometimes tenuous relationship that he has with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and the rules that govern the league is well known by all, as his social commentary on the subject. Considering the Men’s Journal article that featured various quotes by Harrison directed at the NFL and Goodell, along with all the fines in 2010 and 2011, it’s no wonder he enjoys getting his point across now and then. No one can forget the $100,000 plus fining spree handed down to Harrison in 2010 or the 1 game suspension for the hit on Browns QB Colt McCoy in 2011.

Fans all across the social media world love to give a shout out to Harrison whever something happens in the league that controversial,  with a “This just in, the NFL fines James Harrison for…”. It could be the biggest catch phrase in sports.

I’m reminded of an article by Maria Burns Ortiz of ESPN published in October 2011 where Harrison talks about using social media and his perception of being “the meanest player in the NFL”.

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison has no illusions about how he is perceived by many football fans. After all, in the past month alone, he was named “Meanest Player in the NFL” and “Baddest Dude in the NFL.” An especially impressive sweep considering he’s been injured since Week 4.

“I’m known as the guy that I am on the field,” Harrison said. “That’s not really the person that I am — mean, crazy, blah, blah, blah, you know. I play a game that is a violent game, and you can’t go out there with a smile on your face and do your job. It’s just not possible. I’ve never seen somebody tackle somebody with a smile on their face. That’s just part of the game. Outside of the game, I’m me. I’m laid back. I joke. I laugh. I play with my kids.”

“I’m going to be me regardless of what I’m doing or where I’m doing it at,” Harrison said. “[Social media] changed everything. … It’s all about giving the fans more of you that is outside of football, but still has something to do with the game.”

It’s a very good read, I would encourage everyone to check it out if you didn’t previously. It’s a good reminder that even when we read about comments from players like Harrison, we can’t forget that “on field” is one thing and “off field” is another.

Scott Brown of the Pittsburgh Trib also retweeted this information shortly after Harrison made his tweet.


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