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Blitzburgh Radio Steelers Podcast – 2012 Draft Preview

In our first official draft show of 2012 we are joined by one of the great draft guys on SteelerAddicts, K train. He shares his full Steelers mock with us and explains the reasonings behind his thoughts. Kyle has a great track record with his mock drafts and really puts serious effort into his player research.  You might not always agree with his picks but he’ll give you a compelling reason that’s hard to deny!  He’s a well respected, tell it like it is member of SA and we always appreciate him taking some time to join us on the shows.

Check out Kyle’s mock right here on and stay tuned as he tweaks in the coming weeks. There are some surprise picks, off the beaten path if you will,  that make a lot of sense.

Thanks again to Kyle for coming on the show with us; always a great time!

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