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The offseason circus continues, Ward speaks about rumors of his release.

He’s staying,  he’s going,  he wants to play,  they don’t want him back,  it’s almost a circus now with Hines Ward.

Let’s face it folks,  it hasn’t exactly been a normal offseason for the Steelers. The fiasco that was the Bruce Arians “retirement” I’m sure is something they’d rather forget. Then the constant questioning of who’s running the show in Pittsburgh,  Art II or Mike Tomlin. Did Tomlin want Todd Haley or did the front office make the call? It’s enough to make even the most die hard fan scratch his head in wonderment.

Now it’s Hines Ward,  and the latest media storm started when the NFL’s Jason Lacanfora reported that the the Steelers were not going going back the veteran Wide Receiver.

Hines put out a message on his Facebook on Saturday,  “I don’t normally like to respond to rumors, but as I’ve said all along, I want to finish my career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. And as I’ve already told the organization, I am willing to work with them to restructure my contract to make sure this happens. – HINES “.

It would appear that Lacanfora’s sources jumped the gun on this one
to say the least. Hardly the way you want to see such an important part of the your teams success be treated. Perhaps it was an honest mistake,  that probably doesn’t make Hines feel better though.

Ward has 1 year left on his current deal, worth $4 million. The team likely cannot afford to keep him at that price so either they restructure his contract or just release him; possibly coming back for a lower price. There is still time to make that decision and the team has made progress recently in freeing up cap space. They can make it work with Ward if they want him back.

There is clearly more to this story than meets the eye. Then again hasn’t this entire offseason been that way?

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