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Steelers Need to Stop the Off-Season Drama

Former Cincinnati Bengals’ Head Coach Sam Wyche once took to the public address system in the old Riverfront Stadium in the Queen City to address fans who were chucking snowballs at opposing players and officials. His comments were short and to the point and echoed throughout Ohio when the words “you don’t live in Cleveland” came out of his mouth.

It’s with this same sentiment in mind that I would like to remind the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Front Office and Ownership that we don’t live in Dallas or New York where drama off the field is the norm 12 months out of the year. Apparently, team president Art Rooney II has decided that the Steel City could use a little drama and his fan base is none too happy about it.

Perhaps we should have seen it coming as we watched in horror as Tim Tebow defeated our Steelers back in the AFC Wild-Card Playoffs. The whole game played out like a nightmare and has proven to be the harbinger of things that were coming.

I for one am tired of the drama that has enveloped the South Side of Pittsburgh and I know I speak for my fellow residents of the Steelers’ Nation when I say “Enough is enough!”

We still do not know who botched the ‘retirement’ of former offensive coordinator Bruce Arians who of course quickly decided he wasn’t ready for the golf course on a full time basis and is now the OC in Indianapolis. Logic tells us this was Art Rooney II’s doing as just days before Head Coach Mike Tomlin said he wanted to keep all of his coaches.

Then of course we went through two weeks of speculation regarding who the new coordinator would be when the guy most of us least expected to get the gig actually was hired. Enter former yinzer Todd Haley and his polarizing personality and suitcases of baggage. Will he get along with Ben? Will Ben like him? My God it was starting to sound like a 4th grade girl wondering if the boy next to her liked her!

After Haley’s introductory press conference everyone started to wonder about Ben’s feelings and thankfully the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Ed Bouchette sat down with him and as expected Ben was concerned but looking forward to the challenge. End of the drama right? Wrong! Now fans are ticked because Ben has not yet met Haley. It’s a fair concern but remember, Haley has to sit down with Tomlin and other offensive coaches to lay out the offense so give it a little time people before we start jumping into the Allegheny.

As the drama seemed to subside,’s Jason LaCanfora reported the Steelers were not going to bring back Hines Ward. Cue up the Twitter barrage! Despite the fact that Ward had already sat down with the front office and said he was very open to restructuring his contract, the Twitter-sphere was afire with good riddance’s and pleas for one more year before anyone in the Pittsburgh media or front office for that matter had even taken a breath.

Dramatics like this have never been welcome in Pittsburgh. We don’t like it one bit and I personally don’t like the lack of control that seems to be occurring at the Steelers’ HQ. Anytime we are making more offseason news than Dallas I grow concerned about the direction of this team and the organization in general. We aren’t the Jets either headed by a loud mouth head coach who wants more attention than his players.

We are the Pittsburgh Steelers. We do work and we do it well. Someone needs to get hold of the wheel and get this thing under control before we continue down this road where you don’t win Emmy or Academy Awards for drama. You win high draft picks and personally I more interested in winning championships than acting awards.

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