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Steelers free up cap room by restructuring Woodley’s contract

News coming out tonight that the Steelers are already in the process of freeing up cap room and have restructured Lamarr Woodley’s contract.  – Steelers restructured OLB LaMarr Woodley’s contract to clear $6.56 million in cap room.

It’s a safe bet that they’ve started this process well before tonight if you ask me and Woodley’s deal is a good place to save significant money. They are an estimated $25 million over the cap heading into the 2012 league year so expect more information to come down in the coming days and weeks of other players who’s deal will be restructured. Other players also to watch for would be Ben Roethlisberger (cap hit $11.67 million), Casey Hampton (cap hit $8.56 million) , James Harrison (cap hit $9.43 million), and Lawrence Timmons (cap hit $9.125 million) to name a few.

Casey Hampton will be an interesting one to watch because of the ACL injury recovery he’s going through this offseason. If they think he’ll be ready to go they can restructure him, probably by adding another year to his deal, to save money. If they draft a NT early in the draft then that’s a sign that even if they do restructure he could still be cut in or before training camp.

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