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Rooney II always has the Steelers under control

This whole offseason for the Steelers has been more of a circus than most of us can probably remember in a long time, if ever.  At least that’s how it appears from the outside right? Who really hired Todd Haley? Does Ben think he should have had more say in who was hired as the new OC? That’s just the tip of the ice berg as we all know but the fact is that Art Rooney II is the president, he can call the shots any way he chooses. He shouldn’t have to answer to the media, fans, or anyone else to justify his decisions or that of his coaches. He’s got the entire team well under control just like always.

In an article on Thursday in the Pittsburgh Trib by Rob Rossi, Rooney addresses some of the recent questions that everybody has been asking:  “I can`t say what people on the outside think, but (Tomlin) picks his staff,” Rooney told the Tribune-Review.  “Mike picks his staff, like I said, so he should talk about it in public,” Rooney said in a wide-ranging interview. “The head coach should do the talking in that situation, not the owner.”

“My father and I always felt like we`re going to be hands-on, involved in the important decisions that are made, and we`ve felt like that for some time,” Rooney said. “I think the fans appreciate the fact that the Rooneys are present and involved and have a history of that. Let`s put it this way: When I hear from fans I never get the complaint, Hey, you`re too involved.` “

We as fans have always appreciated the Rooney’s and have the utmost respect how the Steelers have been run since Art Senior first purchased them back in 1933.  They are among the most respected owners in all of professional sports. The Steelers as an organization are run with integrity and a philosophy of never letting any one player or coach get bigger than the team.  They trust the coaches they hire and the players that are brought into the organization to uphold the high standard of excellence. When that doesn’t happen they have no problems making a change no matter who it is.  They’ve made their share of mistakes like any other owner when it comes to players. No matter how much research is done sometimes they just don’t work out.

When it comes to coaches though, they rarely miss. Chuck Noll was hired in 1969, Bill Cowher in 1992, and Mike Tomlin in 2007.  That track record is enough to impress anyone. In the case of Tomlin, he’s perfectly capable of running the team and making the right decisions when it comes to coaches. If the Steelers front office says that Tomlin made the ultimate decision to let Arians go, then who are we to question it? If he says that Tomlin feels Todd Haley is the right one for the job and that he made the ultimate decision then that should be good enough for us.  I’m as guilty as the next guy for second guessing how the offseason is going but when it comes right down to it, I know the Rooney’s will always ensure the Steelers have a competitive team ready to go and a staff to prepare them.

Just when the Steeler Nation felt there was an internal crisis brewing, the team swooped in the reassure everyone that the situation is well in hand. GM Kevin Colbert has been making the rounds on the local Pittsburgh media doing interviews.  Rooney himself has spoken to the media on a few occasions so far too. The fact that Art II took time out to answer those questions should reaffirm to us all that things are well under control in Pittsburgh. He realizes how passionate the fans are and how much we care but in the end we should always trust his judgment because his track record is second to none.


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