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Roethlisberger’s deal restructured, Steelers nearly cap compliant

Ed Bouchette reported this afternoon that the Steelers have restructured Ben’s deal to free up space and with that they will be just about in compliance if not definitely so for 2012. We don’t know the numbers for sure but Ben’s cap number for 2012 was scheduled to be about $11.6 million so if you figure they were able to reduce a good portion of that into a signing bonus you can see where the significant savings would be available. At this point reports are that it’s about $8 million in savings.  How quickly things can change eh?

We still don’t know what the actual salary cap number will be for 2012 yet, that won’t be released until the first week in March most likely. Until then it’s all speculation just how far over the team was to start the offseason but Colbert said in recent interviews that they were estimating being over by as much as $20-$30 million.

Whatever the new cap number is, it won’t be much of an increase over the $120 million that they are using as a guideline now but every little bit helps.

So far they’ve been able to save:
$8 million – Roethlisberger
$6.56 million – Woodley
$5.14 million – Timmons
$3.28 million – Taylor
$2.85 million – Colon
$3.537 million – cutting McFadden & Battle

Remember that more cuts are coming according to a statement from the Steelers GM at the Scouting Combine, but we don’t know any specifics yet as to whom or when. We’ll have an article coming up tomorrow that details who they might be and why.


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