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Pro Bowl may be a thing of the past if play doesn’t improve

The annual trip to Hawaii, or now also Florida, for the AFC/NFC Pro Bowl could be a thing of the past. Commissioner Roger Goodell pointed out in a recent interview that the quality of play must improve or changes will have to be made.

After watching this years game, as if you need anymore proof from previous years, it’s basically pointless to even play it. The defense doesn’t put up any type of a pass rush, the secondary only covers receivers when they feel like, and the linebackers might as well not even bother tackling. It’s an offensive display of aerial fireworks with big plays and circus catches, so if you like offense and no defense then you’re in heaven.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says he is disappointed in the quality of last week’s Pro Bowl and changes must be considered, perhaps even dropping the game altogether.

Speaking on ESPN Radio, Goodell says this year’s Pro Bowl wasn’t “the kind of football we want to be demonstrating to our fans, and you heard it from the fans, the fans were actively booing in the stands.”

Goodell made his remarks on Sunday, hours before the start of the Super Bowl.

Goodell has spoken to the NFL Players Association about his disappointment, adding, “We are going to either have to improve the quality of what we are doing in the Pro Bowl or consider other changes, or even consider eliminating the game if that is the kind of quality of game we are going to provide.”

The AFC won the game, 59-41. – Source

Final Steelers Players Stats:
Ben Roethlisberger –  6-11 182 yds., 2 TD’s, 1 Int.
James Harrison – 3 Tackles
Ryan Clark – 3 Tackles
Mike Wallace: 2-34 yds.
Antonio Brown – 2-15 yds. 1 ST Tackle, 1 Kickoff Return 29 yds., 4 Punt Returns 115 yds.

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