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Oh happy day! Roethlisberger & Haley finally meet

The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! The Steeler Nation can rest easy now that Big Ben and new offensive coordinator Todd Haley finally met today according to Post Gazette’s Ed Bouchette via twitter: @EdBouchette News many have waited for: Ben & #steelers new OC Todd Haley finally met, sat down and talked.

It’s been nothing short of amazing how much media attention this whole insignificant saga has gotten since Haley was formally introduced at a press conference earlier this month. Twitter, Facebook, the water cooler, the line at the grocery store, everybody and their brother has been wondering when it would happen.  You couldn’t go a day without somebody talking about it.

We’ll never know the full story of what was said, exactly how long they met, what differences they ironed out (if any at all) but the speculation is sure to be rampant over the next couple of weeks.  Haley said this, Ben wanted to do that, can’t you just hear it now?

It’s safe to say that whether they met for a few minutes or a few hours, the game plan on offense is not place for 2012 quite yet. Haley has been busy not only moving into and adjusting to life in Pittsburgh but also getting to know the coaches and staff. On top of all that the Steelers are right in the middle of evaluating their own free agents, looking at possible additions from other teams, and of course the draft picks.  The fact that even after a few weeks of being hired, Haley has been quite busy and it doesn’t figure to let up anytime soon as the draft is coming up in April.

Another added wrinkle to the “days of our lives” soap opera that was Big Ben and Todd was the fact that the new collective bargaining agreement does not allow for coaches to officially call meetings with players. At least not during this early time in the off season.  There are always ways around these types of rules but nonetheless we figured we’d point that out.

So yes Steeler Nation we call take a deep breathe, sleep a bit easier tonight, and finally look forward to the rest of the NFL business season. We can stop being interrupted on important off season discussion to be reminded again that Ben & Todd haven’t met yet.  Finally our super start Quarterback and his new boss have finally shook hands and said “hello”.

We hope you’ll forgive our sarcasm but if you follow SteelerAddicts in any capacity you’ll know that we cover the Steelers in a unique way that’s both informative and fun…and sometimes a little differently than most.


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